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  1. Reviewed by 'News Today Chennai 14th May 2009'

  2. Reviewed by 'Nai Duniya (20/4/2009)'

  3. Jetwings July 2007 in section Top Surf.
    It wrote ‘Whether you are a budding historian, a hard-working student or just mesmerized by India’s cultural, beauty and diversity, is the perfect site for you. If long-winded explanations of temples and culture do not interest you, the virtual tour surely will. Take a journey across India while viewing more than 1,700 pictures on this site. In the What’s New option, you can view biographies and pictures of people who have travelled within the country and shared their insights. If, on the other hand, you do like reading, take your pick-there are essays ranging from culture to philosophy to festivals and history of India. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Music Gallery’ to be captivated by Nadaka singer Shruti’s voice, which makes you actually healed’. Jetwings is the in-flight magazine of Jet Airways.

  4. Reviewed by a Mumbai paper 'Afternoon Despatch'