Yoga therapy for Hypertensive Middle Aged Women

According to the World Health Statistics 2012 report, India has low rates of hypertension compared to world figures. Here, 23.10% men and 22.60% women above 25 years suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure or hypertension kills nearly 1.5 million people every year in South-East Asia. India also fares better than the global average of 29.20 in men and 24.80 in women respectively.

Abstract: Even though hypertension is not directly related to any gender women have to face extra problems due to pregnancy, intake of contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy, menopause, stress, obesity etc. These can be causative factors for hypertension leading to it becoming one of the major causes of death in women.

Hypertension could result in a stroke, kidney failure and gestational hypertension or preeclampsia as well.

So what is hypertension?

It is consistent pressure on the walls of arteries (blood vessels) which can cause sudden heart attacks. One common misconception is that hypertension rarely affects women. However, among nearly half of all adult population hypertension has been found in middle-aged women. Furthermore, blood pressure or BP control is more difficult for older women. Women have unique forms of hypertension associated with pregnancy, menopause, and the use of OCP.

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