As on the date of relaunch, eSamskriti has over 13,000 pictures. There is so much to see and photograph in India that one can be borne a few times and still not have enough time to photograph all that India has to offer.

If you wish to contribute pictures to eSamskriti here is an FAQ on how to share.

Q1. What type of pictures can I share?
A1. Within India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka you can shares pictures of Himalayas, Temples, Monasteries, Gurudwaras, Forts, People, Wildlife, Treks, how handicrafts and textiles are made including saleable product, Festivals, Yatras, Palaces and Traditional Paintings. War Memorials only of India.

Outside the Indian subcontinent we cover Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh holy places and festival celebrations worldwide for e.g. San Jose Gurudwara California

We also cover Indian artefacts in museums worldwide for e.g. British Museum London

Q2. Which country pictures can I share on eSamskriti?
A2. We accept pictures of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka. For countries of S.E. Asia and the Far East, pictures that speak of the century old relations between them and India are welcome for e.g. Sukhothai Historical Park Thailand.

Q3. How many pictures can I share?
A3. A minimum of eight and a maximum of twenty pictures per album. Exceptions can be made depending on the subject covered. Pic size 550 to 950 KB. In case of doubt mail

Q4. Will I be paid for sharing these pictures?
A4. At eSamskriti we do not pay for pictures but provide a platform to share your work with the world. Pictures are sorted by photographer. So you can make eSamskriti your personal page.

Q5. Can I share pictures of a resort as an Advertorial?
A5. We are open to accepting such pictures. If editorial feels the pictures are a pure promotional effort, eSamskriti shall request for a fee. The article and photo captions shall state this is a paid for advertorial.

Q6. Who has copyright of published pictures?
A6. Name of photographer and email id shall be on site. Please watermark the pictures and send. Copyright of pictures always lies with the photographer. If eSamskriti receives a purchase inquiry the same shall be forwarded to you. If a buyer contacts you directly eSamskriti does not expect any sourcing fee.

Q7. What happens if someone takes pictures from eSamskriti and uses them?
A7. eSamskriti does not permit download of pictures. However, if a person or organization uses technology to download pictures and uses them without permission from and payment to photographer, eSamskriti does not assume any liability for any loss arising from this wrong doing.

Q8. If I want to use pictures for a magazine or reproduce them?
A8. In this case please write to clearly stating the purpose for which you propose to use the picture. If the purpose is a commercial activity please say so. Indicate what size ka pic you want meaning original pic or just a 1 MB. On receipt of your request we shall speak to the concerned photographer, get views and respond. If permission is granted you need to give credits as mutually agreed.

Q9. How do I send pictures?
A9. Before you work on a album please check on eSamskriti whether a similar album exists. Even if a similar album exists but your pictures are different from what is on site, we will publish under a different title. If you are sending pics of a monument, trek, yatra please arrange pics in a sequence in which you covered them so that the viewer has a virtual experience means he/she feel they did the trip themselves.

Having shortlisted the pictures and decided the sequence please number them for e.g., 1,2,3. Pics should be atleast 550-950KB. Asking for a 550-900kb allows us to increase size. Note that pic would be further reduced whilst uploading. Next against pic number write a 1 line caption that describes the pic. Caption to include travel tips and personal experiences. Via two separate mails send pics and captions to

Note that when you send pictures for publishing, eSamskriti assumes that you clicked those pictures and you have the copyright to those pictures. eSamskriti does not accept any liability, responsibility, claims if it becomes subsequently known that the pictures were not clicked by you and you were not authorised to get them published on eSamskriti.

Q10. Will Editorial edit pictures and captions?
A10. The pictures might not be edited by us. Editorial will review captions and improvise if required. We will also give links to other albums in eSamskriti or well written blogs.

Q11. Within how much time would pictures be published?
A11. If the content and captions are ok between 6 to 12 days. When published we will mail you links. The links shall also be posted on and mailed to those who have subscribed to the newsletter.

If you need any clarifications do mail Sanjeev at

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