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A wing of the hotel bombed during the war.

The crowd transport service and a person selling currencies.

A view of traffic jam from our Hotel window.

Mandir in Kabul

Enjoying Ice-Cream !

Two of my friends, who deal in imported Russian two wheelers.

The Mata Di Temple, located in the center of Kabul.

The Shivalinga, which was restored after the Taliban attack

A prayer at the Gurudwara

A partially demolished house. This is a common site in entire kabul !

View of mountains of Afganistan from Ariana Airlines plane.

The Kabul city as seen from the flight.

Hotel Kabul, The place where we were staying.

Our room

Getting ready for a bussiness meeting

The Communication Ministry building.The bomb attack was on the road next to it which left 30 people dead.

Our amazing friend Saradar Khan (in center). Trilok Kamdar and Dimakh along with him

The Silo building severely damaged during the war. The supply of Roti to the entire city is done from here.

The Local houses in Kabul

A damaged textile mill in Kabul

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