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About an hours drive from Malinatthan temple ruins is Akashiganga. It is on the left of the road but no visible board so you could miss it like we did. There are a couple of tin covered structures which house a temple. To left of temple that you see in pic are well paved steps take you to Akashiganga.

We drove through dense forests. Quite a nice drive actually. U see a bamboo tree enroute to Akashiganga. Arunachalis use bamboos for multiple purposes. Route we took is Dibrugarh,crossed Brahmaputra, Likabali, railhead at Silapathar in Assam, Malinatthan and Akashiganga. From here it was nearly a non-stop six hour drive to Along.

It is a very steep walk down from the road downhill. It was Sept, very humid. I really sweated whilst walking down and dreaded the thought of walking up. U see our driver at the last few steps before we reach Akashiganga.

At Akashiganga. The name Akashiganga is suggestive of a water channel in the hill. It is believed that this place is associated with the tradition narrated in the Kalika Purana (8th century A.D.). That the body of Sati was cut into pieces by Vishnu with his discuss at the refusal of Shiva to part away with it. Her head fell somewhere near Akashiganga. U see my friend and guide P G Dodum getting ready to go for a dip. To see pics of Mayudia hill station Click here

At RKM Along one of the Swamis told us that there was a Shiva image at the top of the hill which overlooked the Akashiganga. No one had ventured to the top of the hill. One British person went up and pushed the statue down because of which this water body is worshipped - do not recall what he said 100% but was something like this. U see me having a dip in Akashiganga. Water was pure and clean. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Plants enroute. The climb from Akashiganga to the road was something. Knowing how much I would sweat went up in my swimming costume only. Mid way is a Shivji ka temple, stopped by. The Panditji gave me a local banana that was very big - gave me the energy to climb up. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click here

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