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When I was planning the Tawang trip friends said that I must visit the Indo Tibet border. One needs to get a special permit by applying to the Collector''s office. It is usually given unless background is suspect. We left Tawang at 6 am. With every drive we gained height, higher and higher - the experience only got better. Somewhere enroute saw this lovely reflection of Buddhist flags.

To give u an idea of what it takes to reach Bumla border showing some pics. We left Bhalukpong (app 2 hours from Tezpur) at 6 am - this is somewhere between Jung Waterfalls and Bomdila. Small road, note vehicle on left and centre of pic. Reached Bomdila at 11 am.

Lot of work is happening to broaden roads, make them 2 way (visited Sept 2013) but in places hardly a road existed as you see. Landslides, difficult terrain, local issues affects road making. To give u an idea of time it took to reach Bumla Border - Bhalukpong to Bomdila app 5 hrs, Bomdila to Tawang app 8.5 hours and lastly Tawang to Border app 3 hours. Totally app 16.5 hrs from Bhalukpong to Bumla.

Roads are zig zag as you see in this picture. Admire the Border Roads Organization for all the hard work. Having said that, they need to move much much faster.

Out first halt for tea was at 12,400 feet. At this point is the Maratha Light Infantry Regiment hence the image of Maratha Warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Was told that soldiers undergo high altitude acclimatization at this point. Was very foggy and chilly when we reached.

U see me at this very beautiful point. Effect of early morning sun was super - although tired felt charged up and ready for a 3 hour drive to the border. In Arunachal sun rises really early - in Sept it was between 4.30 to 5 am. Drive is very tough - roads are uneven, sometimes only stones. So have a good vehicle, driver and keep yourself warm, wollen socks would help.

A small diversion. The Craft Centre at Tawang has some excellent products made by local people. U see carpets. The Centre has cane products, carpets, Buddhist paintings, woolens woven purses, masks, jewellery etc. Do visit.

Very close to the Indo Tibet border. At lower levels there was some vegetation - the higher we went the terrain was what u see. Height is 15,500 feet. It was very foggy. Since the border area is sensitive not uploaded too many pics.

Jawans who guard our country''s border. Smiling. Hats off to the Armed Forces who work in such hostile weather conditions. I spent an hour there and found it difficult to bear, this was in Sept. Imagine how cold it would be at night and during the winters.

With a fellow traveller and Army personnel. The rooms that you see behind is where the India China border meetings are held.

Inside room where the India China Border Meetings take place. Once meeting is held on Indian side and the next time Chinese side. Got to know the facility for meetings on the Indian side is far better. If you are 50 plus check your blood pressure before going to Bumla border.

On way back stop at the Sub Joginder Singh PVC Memorial. On the dawn of 23/10/1962 the Chinese assaulted Bumla with 500-600 troops. By 11 am Chinese attack commenced on the slopes where the Memorial stands. Sub J Singh kept on fighting against all odds. By 2 pm they had run out of ammunition but repulsed many attacks. U see image of Sub Joginder Singh. To see pics of his Memorial Click Here

Tourists first visit Bumla Border and then visit Sangetsar Lake. U see road enroute. This is a typical terrain that I saw in Sept 2013.

Overview of Sangetsar Lake. It is like a valley with mountains on all sides. Very scenic - fell in love with the place. Madhuri Dixit came here for a movie shoot after which it is called Madhuri Lake although most still prefer the original name. It is a base for treks into beautiful meadows.

We were walking around the lake when met this group of girls. They belong to Monpa tribe which is the dominant tribe in Tawang. Few of the girls I spoke to had gmail accounts and were on Facebook too. Honestly nothing tribal about them. Initially did not want to be clicked but later on posed in style. To see the beautiful hill station of Mayudia Click here

Me and a local friend at lake bank. We loved the place - did not feel like leaving. U get very good chole bathura at the cafeteria there. To see the beautiful plateau of Ziro Click Here

Before we entered Tawang town my friend and trip guide P G Dodump took us to see this wow waterfall. Forget the name. There is a mini hydro power station close by. To see pics of Parasuram Kund Click Here

On our drive back we went to a place that Guru Nanak is supposed to have visited. Red arrow points to the way that you go up to the Gurudwara there. Board in next pic has all the details. Even today this terrain is difficult, u can imagine what was it like in 1510 A.D. To visit Tawang War Memorial Click Here

Left of pic steps take you up to the Gurudwara. Per the board the Chinese were so impressed with Guru Nanak that they named the town Nanking after him. To visit Guru Nanak''s birthplace in Nankana i.e. in modern day Pakistan Click Here

Girl students at the Vivekanand Kendra School at Kitpi (about 25 minutes drive from Tawang). I was very impressed with the girl students during my interaction - very aware. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

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