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Daporijo is a beautiful place at about 3,000 feet above sea level. It is on the banks of the river Subansiri that you see in the pic. Drive from Daporijo to Ziro took us uphill, took this pic from a high point to get a early morning beautiful overview of the town. We left Along at about 5.30 am to reach Daporijo by 10-10.30 am.

This photo collection cover Daporijo town, tribal homes and Vivekananda Kendra School. Spent a couple of hours in the school interacting with students and taking group pictures. U see students of class 9. To know more about Daporijo Click here

This is the bridge that connects Kuprijo to Daporijo. Only 2 wheelers can use this. 4 wheelers have to drive further down and cross bridge. U see Subansiri river. It is a very scenic town and known for its flora and fauna. River is good for rafting and angling.

VKV school is very close to Daporijo at a place called Kuporijo, was inaugurated by then Chief Minister Shri Geong Apang in November in 1987 ie nearly 27 years ago. I was very impressed to know that the school has Broadband connectivity and happier to note it worked well.

When I entered the school at about 11.30 students of class 3 that you see were leaving for home. It required some cajoling to get them to pose for a group pic.

Daporijo is quite a big town. It is like a valley with hills on all sides. Very green and scenic. U see a combination of traditional and concrete homes. Lots of TV Antennas, big market. Loved the place.

Another group pic of students at VKV Kaporijo class 7. As of Sept 2013 school had 453 students and classes from 3 to 10.

The school attracts teachers from all over India. Class in progress. Daporijo is an ideal base for trekking and nature walks. Do visit Meghna Cave Temple ie dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was so humid in Sept that we preferred not to go. Mistake. To see pic of cave Click here

Students at a Art of Living class - doing Surya Namaskar.

Looks like a Maths class a subject that goes over my head. I was impressed with the way teachers, just like how we learnt in Mumbai.

In the afternoon we moved around town, went looking for a contact to visit tribal home. Contact did not work. We went to a end of the town and walked around the colony. My friend and guide Pie who is sitting in front of pic suddenly discovered a distant relatives home. They took us in, gave chai and biscuits. Left is fire. Flooring is bamboo. House is on stilts at a height of about 1.5 to 2 feet.

In Daporijo market. This shop has all the shampoos and cosmetics that a consumer can ask for. This lady spent about Rs 250/ to buy 2 bottles of L''Oreal shampoo. Thanks to TV they are familiar with such products.

View enroute drive from Daporijo to Ziro. Hill on right has trees while hill on left is barren because Zoom Farming is done there. One of the big problems in Arunachal is the ill effects of zoom farming ie done on mountain tops and sides, results in deforestation. Cut jungle in Feb, burn in March, sowing in April and harvest in Aug-Sept.

Arunachalis follow local religion Donyi Polo where they worship the sun and the moon. This place of worship is called Donyi Polo Nyedar Namlo at Ligu.

All over Arunachal Pradesh u see hundreds of wine shops. State Govt wants revenue from these shops but school teachers complained that presence of so many liquor shops meant students start drinking at a very young age. In Along saw atleast 20 wine shops - teachers were very upset.

Students practicing meditation at a Art of Living class. School teachers visit home of parents whose children study in school. VKV is affiliated to C.B.S.E.

Early morning - local ladies headed for the farm to collect produce. Do visit the local craft centre sales emporium for o/s bamboo handicrafts and colorful garments. To see pics of Craft Centre of Dapurijo see pic 14 onwards Click here

Students of Vivekananda Kendra Kupurojio class 7. School organises talent shows for small children, camps for government school children and seminars for intellectuals of the area.

Lady come back with fresh produce from farm - others wanting to buy. Right of pic - this is the way ladies carry their children. I saw a lady driving a scooter with her child tied like that - wonder how she balanced but looked an expert. To see pics of local people who live close to Dapurijo Click here

Simple rustic homes on the banks of the river Subansiri but everywhere you will see a TV Antennae as you see in this pic. Tata Sky is the preferred service provider. They see all the channels that one sees in Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. To see pics of Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Itanagar Click here

Teachers who have come all over India to teach students of Arunachal Pradesh. For some it is a three day journey to reach their home town. Hats off to them to come so far and dedicate their lives to reaching children of Arunachal.

Students of VKV Kuporojo class 9. School Principal told me they get electricity 24 hours.

Trees in school compound have board like this which are painted by children. Do visit tribal villages of Raga, Tamin and Mori.

Locals celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi - it was visarjan day. Unlike Along Dapurijo is not a clean town, roads in town not very good either.

Group photo of 10th standard students. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Interactive session with students of 9 and 10th classes. Most interesting question was why has the rupee depreciated so much in the last few months. I visited in Sept 13 when the rupee was very volatile. I found students well informed about what is happening in various parts of the country.

Enroute from Dapurijo to Ziro friend and guide Pie showed me this plant. When he rubbed the leaves it produced a type of natural color forget the name though.

As you saw earlier this is the way ladies carry their children and manage to do all work, household - in shopping emporium - driving two wheeler.

Drive from Dapurijo to Ziro - very green. We stopped by to have breakfast here.

A short while after breakfast is the very scenic Surya View from one gets a breathtaking view of the hills. River flowing in the valley below. Road is good.

Students stood up when I entered the class. Very happy and cheerful when told them will click pic and upload on esamskriti.

Fog, hills and greenery is what I encountered all along the drive from Dapurijo to Ziro. To see pics of Malinatthan Temple ruins Click here

Plants enroute. Lots of flowers there. To see pics of Vivekanand Kendra school Roing Click here

Students of I think class 6 or 7 of VKV. To see pics of Jaswant Garh War Memorial Click here

Whilst the class was going on, peeped thru the window to take this pic. To see pics of Sela Pass ie enroute to Tawang Click here

U saw tribal home earlier in village. This man is some sort of a Pujari who had come to visit their home on request. He belongs to NYISHI tribe. To visit Shiva Lingam in Ziro Click here

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