Sela Pass

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Left Bomdila at 6 am. In about 1.5 hours reached Dirang where stopped for breakfast and at the hot water springs (can avoid). Then reached Sela Pass. It is the gateway to Tawang. Coming from Tawang the Pass is the gateway to West Kameng. Very foggy and chilly.

Bomdila is at a height, Dirang is at lower level whilst drive to Sela Pass is very steep. U need to go up and up as you might get an idea from this pic.

Locals with their Yaks grazing somewhere close to Sela Pass. It was very very foggy with low visibility. Driver Chandan Barua did an o/s job by driving sensibly.

This pic would give you an idea of the weather en route.

At last we reached Sela Pass. It is at a height of 13,700 feet. In pic was very foggy - within about 15 minutes became sunny.

This is a small lake that you see on crossing Sela Pass. On the right is a small rest where you get lovely tea and maggi noodles (cost Rs 50/ plate). I was happy to see the lady used a gas cylinder.

Buddhist flags greet you on crossing the welcome to Tawang gate.

Road was made in 1972. It is very easy to find fault with the Government and officials for not making good roads. At the same time we must appreciate the good work esp. under such difficult conditions. This work was done by units of the 14 Border Road Task Force. Three cheers to them.

On our return from Tawang it was bright and sunny at Sela Pass. He is an enjoying a conversation with a Walkie Talkie phone I think. Only BSNL works there.

My guide and friend P G Dodum. He is from Nishi tribe. U see him in traditional headgear. Very knowledgeable about Arunachal. Widely travelled in India. Been as far as to Amarnath in the north and Kanyakumari in the South. Expert in Yoga, very good speaker and connected with students very well - at heart a nationalist. I am fortunate he accompanied me for this Yatra.

This board tells you what to see in Tawang.

Buddhism is predominant in Tawang. U see a 25 foot image of Lord Buddha at the Tawang Monastery.

U see me at Sela Pass. White cap that am hearing is made from rabbit wool. Bought it from Munisyari in Kumaon. To see pics of Munisyari Woolens Click Here

Pic taken on return when it was sunny. This shows reflection of Gate in the small lake. Arunachal Pradesh is a very beautiful state. Those who have not been there are missing something.

When we crossed Sela Pass suddenly weather changed, it became very foggy. From here right up to Bhalukpong it is downhill all the way. Spectacular view of the sky, sun, clouds, fog covering the mountains - different experience altogether.

This is an example of drive downhill. Left of pic is road. Sky covered with cloud - mountains below. U can see some small houses in centre lower part of pic.

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