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Sela is enroute from Bomdila to Tawang. You see entrance to Sela Pass which is at 13700 feet above sea level. You see me with our driver. Route is Tejpur, Tenga Valley, Bomdila, Dhirang, Sela, Jeng Falls, Tawang.

The first picture showed us at the pass when it snowed. This picture shows a sunny pass. You will see pictures of the cave where Guru Nanak meditated, War Memorial/Monastery at Tawang and a Lake district close to Tawang.

Eco camp made of natural materials enroute Tejpur to Tenga Valley. At the end we have pictures of a lake and waterfall when frozen by snow and in summer time. Great comparison.

Tenga Valley is what you see.

You see Dhirang town. It is a beautiful town, well known for its hundreds of variesties of natural orchids. Winter time thousands of migratory birds come here.

Serpentine road to Sela Pass.

Road enroute to Sela Pass.

Road enroute to Sela Pass.

Frozen Lake on Sela Pass. There are more than 400 hundred lakes above 12,000 feet in this area.

Memorial Stone at Sela Pass.

Jeng Falls with hydro power station on your right.

Guru Nanak Shrine near Tawang. Board is self explanaitory.

You see Guru Nanak shrine. This is where he meditated for more than 10 days. It is about 150 metres above the valley. The yellow colored dot that you see in the hill is the current day shrine. There is a cave close by where he meditated.

Inside the shrine.

A view of the Valley from the shrine.

A early morning view of Tawang Monastery from a distance. There are almost 800 student monks in the monastery.

Tawang monastery entrance. This is the second largest monastery outside Tibet.

''''Sakyamuni'' -- he is the current [Gautam] Buddha; the earlier Buddha was Dipankara; the next Buddha would be ''Maitreya'';

Avalokitheswara called the Compassionate Buddha. Has got 1000 hands.

Called Guru Rimpoche in Tibetan, Indian name is Padmasambhava. In the 8th century he introduced, taught and spread Buddhism in Tibet. He was from the Nalanda University.

Buddha Sakya Muni. He is the current Buddha. The icon is more than 30 feet and gold plated.

You see Tawang War Memorial.

In memory of 2420 officers who laid down their lives during the 1962 war with China.

War memorial description.

In memory of Jaswant Singh. Place is called Jaswant Garh. Everyone stops there.

Read about the battle of Nuranang where Jaswant Singh and others laid down their lives.

Bust of valiant Joginder Singh.

Enroute to Tawang.

Enroute to Tawang. Ice on road. Close to this point is a forward position where the jawans spend months together without person to person contact with the outside world.

Enroute to Tawang.

Enroute to Tawang, road full of know. The Sumo served us well.

Welcome to Lake District near Tawang. This area has more than 20 lakes at a height of more than 13000 feet.

Another Lake view.

You see Gorsam Gumpa more than 300 years old monastery.

On way to Sungetshar Lake which is a volcanic lake at app 14,000 feet

Frozen Sungetshar lake.

Sungetshar lake is summer time without snow, the earlier picture was with snow.

Water fall summer time.

The same waterfall frozen.

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