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Last stop in 2013 Arunachal Pradesh Yatra was Gauhati. Drove from Tawang to Tezpur to Gauhati. Early morning left for Kamakhya Mandir. It is on top of a hill, u can share a vehicle that takes you from the main road to the hill top. Very good road. Temple overview. On right is entrance to temple. It is very clean and could feel the strong vibrations in temple and esp during darshan.

Sunset at Brahmaputra river. ''The Kamakhya Mandir in Kamrupa had become already established as an imp Centre to Tantric worship (both Buddhist and Hindu), according to the Hevajra Tamra (8th century A.D.) etc''. To read a very good historical note on Sri Sri Kamakhya in Kamrupa Click here

Entrance to Kamakya Temple. 29th September 2013 was an auspicious day, forget the reason, hence entrance decorated with flowers. ''The temple came into prominence after its site came to be recognised as a most holy Pitha where the Pudendum from the body of Sati cut into pieces by Vishnu''s discuss had fallen, and this led to the spot being called the Yoni-Pitha''. It is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in India. To know name of each Shakti PeethClick here

Dome like structure is what you see on entering temple. The sacred hill on which temple is Nilachala. The shrine was re-erected in 1565 on the instructions of Maharaja Naranarayana. The Ahom kings did a lot to build temples, gave landed property to the priests for their maintenance.

As you enter temple turn right climb a few steps to reach place that u see. There was a very very long que. Those who were short of time like me took a Special Entry coupon and stood in shorter line as you see in picture.

In this waiting area are local musicians who keep you engaged and fill the place with good vibes. Various festivals at Kamakhya are ''Puhab Biya, Durga Puja, Ratani Shyama Puja, Durga Deol, Basanti Puja, Madan Chaturthi and Rajaswari Puja''.

From entrance turn right you see Holy Pond. It is like the South Indians temples who also have a holy pond, although they are much bigger. Behind pond you see devotees standing in line.

This is probably the only temple I have seen where goat, sheep move freely all around the temple. To read 16 secrets of the TempleClick here

Image of Maharaja Bishwasingha doing pranams to temple. ''She is the Mother Goddess. No image of deity is worshipped in the temple; it is the Yoni of Goddess Sati, the consort of Lord Shiva ie enshrined within''.

Image of Ganesha on temple wall.

Not sure whose images this is.

A side view of the temple from the other side.

Devotees lighting diyas or lamps that are placed on one side of temple wall.

Various images adorn the temple walls. We show a few. This I think is Lord Brahma.

Looks like Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Right side bottom of pic is Kirti Mukhas - there to drive away evil spirits. Have seen them in temples across the country be it Kiradu temples in Barmer or Thousand pillared temple near Mangalore. To see pics of temple Click here

View from hill top. Behind is river Brahmaputra called Louhitya in Sanskrit epics and Puranas. To see good You Tube on visit to temple Click here

Reliefs in lower part of temple wall. Temple has images of 64 Yoginis and 18 Bhairavas. To see pics of 64 Yogini temple near Bhubaneshwar Click here

View of lower portion of temple. As I said goat, sheep and birds all over the temple. To see photos of festival in temple Click here

Adi Guru Sankaracharya Mandap. The respected Sage is found everywhere be it his Samadhi at Kedarnath or his birthplace in Kerala. To see pics Sankara birthplace in Kalady Click here

This image is in wall inside temple.

Another image, note Kirti Mukh at bottom of image.

Devotees from Andhra Pradesh. To see pics of Shiva Lingam Ziro in ArunachalClick here

Another image on wall of temple. To see pictures of Children of Arunachal PradeshClick here

Another image on wall of temple. If you know descriptions on images on wall on temple, please write in shall include in captions. Thanks. To read all about Arunachal Yatra with photo linksClick here

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