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1. Heard video of noted author Sanjeev Sanyal where he spoke about Assamese General Lachit Borphukan who had defeated the Mughals. During my Assam trip made it a point to visit places where Lachit’s memory is preserved. You see Lachit B in his memorial i.e. near Jorhat. Behind his statue raised area is where Lachit & soldiers who fought with him were cremated.

2. This one is in river Brahmaputra in Gauhati. It is behind a garden, happen to see by chance whilst sitting in the bus. It was 3.30ish so sun in front. Wish had gone in the morning. Lachit is remembered for the historic victory against the Mughals in the Battle of Saraighat fought in 1671. Details of his victory are captured in BURANJI, the official chronicle of the Ahom kings.

3. Board at Jorhat Memorial. In the battle Lachit beheaded his Uncle for dereliction of duty. The name Assam comes from the word Asama or Invincible which is the local name for the Ahom tribe. The Brahmaputra between Kamakhya and Saraighat is the narrowest at Guwahati. Then area was densely forested, hills were on both side of the river and road communications poor with Brahmaputra being the most important line of communication.

4. Memorial 3. Lachit leading his men in the waters of the Brahmaputra. This one is enroute from Gauhati to Sualkuchi i.e. after one crosses the Brahmaputra.

5. Memorial Four. Drive from Jorhat to Sivasagar. At a cross section saw this. Illustrates Ahom warriors. 2 canons with bombs being put in them. It was about 11 am so light just right. I visited in November end 2018. Now pics of individual memorials and history of battle.

6. Memorial has a garden & museum (under renovation). Elevated land is where Lachit and soldiers were cremated. Two animals at gate entrance. Dr Rabindranath Sarma wrote, ‘The Ngi Ngao Kham or a figure of dragon like winged lion is a mythical animal which is found among Tai-Ahom people’.

7. Museum under renovation. Then capital of Assam was Garhgaon in eastern Assam while a Viceroy known as Borphukan administered from Gauhati. In August 1667 Lachit recaptured Gauhati so Aurangzeb was angry and wanted to recapture it. He sent general Ram Singh of Jaipur with 21,000 Rajput Chiefs, 30,000 infantry and 18,000 Turkish cavalry.

8. Love this pic sky colour so good. Lachit was well prepared to fight the Mughals. Heavily forested and fortified hills around Gauhati provided a ring of defence. Fortifications were surrounded by wooden ditches with bamboo spikes. The Ahoms would attack at night and vanish. Since Mughals had an easy time reaching Gauhati they let their guard down.

9. Board at memorial enroute to Sualkuchi. The final battle was fought in early 1671 when the Mughals tried to break thru the fortifications, Ahom boats formed an unpenetratable fortification on water placing their boats in a row, one after the other across the breadth of the river, Mughal flotilla was smashed and their admiral Munawar Khan killed.

10. Leading from the front is Lachit Borphukan. Even today we find a small village by the name SARAI on the banks of the Brahmaputra. Ahom ruled Assam till 1826 then by the British. Lachit was General, king was Swargadeo Chakradhwaj Singha 1663 to 1669 A.D. Saraighat was Assam’s TRAFALGAR

11. Same memorial shows Ahom soldiers. Like the way they are made. When driving from Gauhati memorial is after you cross the river on the left hand side opposite a mandir. Drive carefully or might miss it like I did in the morning, visited around 3.30 pm then.

12. Ahom warrior looking for the enemy with searching eyes.

13. Look at the way the image is made, super captures the spirit of the warrior. Warrior lighting canon with fire. Caption details taken from this site, all credits to them. Click on link to see map so get an idea of naval battle.

14. Side view with Brahmaputra in the background. Lachit passed away in 1672 on his way back to the capital Rongpur to participitate in the victory celebrations. Baji rao Peshwa died at 40, Shivaji Maharaj at 53, Guru Govind Singhji 42 & Swami Vivekananda 39. If they had lived longer!! Read about battle in detail

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