Temples of SIVASAGAR Assam

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1. Sivadol Mandir. Visited November 2018. Sivadol is 60 kms from Jorhat, takes about 1.5 hours. Temple situated on the banks of huge Borpukuri Water Tank. It has a height of 104 feet, was built in 1734 by an Ahom Queen. Complex has 3 temples i.e. Sivadol, Vishnudol and Devidol dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti. Very good vibrations must visit.

2. At T point enroute to Sivasagar you see Ahom Warriers. Very popular theme in region. It is in memory of General Lachit Borphukan who defeated the Mughals in the Battle of Saraighat in 1671.

3. Temple was built in 1734 by Bar Rajika Ambika, the queen of Swargdeo Siva Sangha. Walls of temples adorned with carvings and sculptures. The HARI KRISHNA kirtan performed in July or August is popular.

4. View of Borpukuri Water Tank. It is huge as you can see, temple dome on left of pic. Road along tank nice & green. Lucky are those who have homes there. Indian temples and palaces are invariably on the banks of a river or water tank.

5. Side view of Sivadol. Reached about 8.30 am. Lovely weather, temple very clean.

6. Temple is capped by a seven feet golden dome called ‘Koloshi’. Painting of dome going on.

7. There is no murthi inside the mandir. Swamyambhu i.e. worshipped. Saw lots of devotees coming in morning for prayers. Devotees advised not to offer milk, use water instead.

8. Inner sanctum wall had very images this one is of Parasuram. Another murthi was of Ravana, if I remember correctly.

9. Pandits outside the sanctum. Barring the pandit in the centre others were from Bihar. In the Shani Mandir the pandit was from Rajasthan. I am able to now relate why Assamese are upset by the presence of Indians from other states, just too many of them. Pandits inside sanctum were Assamese.

10. Murthi on wall, architecturally speaking not great but surely worth a look.

11. Assamese couple. Devotees tie a bell and make a wish. Had seen similar in tradition at Golu Devata Mandir in Chitia near Almora Kumaon. To see pics https://www.esamskriti.com/a/Uttarakhand/Almora.aspx

12. Feeding birds. It is a tradition that is pan-India. A great way to nurture nature. Was so happy to see the young boy feeding birds too.

13. Devidol was built in 1733 by Queen Ambika Kunwari, wife of King Shiva Sangha, to worship Ma Durga.

14. Devidol. Yoga is practiced in every part of India just like Pani Puri and Idli are eaten all over.

15. Vishnudol was built by Queen Ambika Kunwari in 1733 to worship Vishnu. Top has got 3 levels followed by a Kalash.

16. Look at temple design, very different from what we see elsewhere.

17. Close up of temple, top three levels. Side wall has flower design at joints.

18. Next is the very interesting RANGHAR. It was built by Ahom king Pramatta Singha for watching games, of birds and animals fight, cultural programs & sporting events, from the upper story whilst common people sat on the earthen mounds that once surrounded Ranghar.

19. Overview. Entrance has two beautiful crocodile like structures. Dr Rabindranath Sarma wrote, ‘The Ngi Ngao Kham or a figure of dragon like winged lion is a mythical animal which is found among Tai-Ahom people’. 2 storied structure is made of exotic material like jaggery, black gram, elephant grass, snail ooze, long fish bones, mustard oil, big stones & bricks.

20. It is probably Asia’s first amphitheatre. The roof of the structure is constructed like an inverted boat having crocodile at both ends and a trefoil arched canopy at its middle. The outer walls and arches of this pavilion are beautifully carved with geometrical and floral designs.

21. Close of geometrical and floral designs. Area is very nicely maintained.

22. Some more designs. Captions taken from board outside monument.

23. As referred to earlier crocodile on side of top.

24. Just like Sivadol complex is Jaysagar tank and temples. Tank excavated in 1697. Work on temples began in 1698 and was completed in two years during reign of King Rudra Singha.

25. Siddol dedicated to Shiva. Tank is huge with temples being on its banks like it is in Indian temples and palaces.

26. Vishnudol. Lovely gardens.

27. Devidol. Pranams to all.

28. Next is TALATALAGHAR or Underground Palace is the largest of the Ahom monuments & also known as Kareng Ghar. The palace was 7 storeys, of them underground with 2 secret tunnels, one of them 16 kms long. Palace work started 1698 and completed 1714. Built under the rule of Rudra Singha.

29.Canons on display. Wish there was a guide to take tourists around and explain. Happy to pay. There is a 3 storied palace that I missed seeing, pic in board but somehow missed.

30. Overview of Talatalaghar just to give you a sense of how broad it is.

31. It has a long open terrace with several annexes and an octagonal temple (left of pic), cells resembling Assamese style huts etc. Must see. Assam is lovely must visit state.

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