Chomolahari Trek

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It is believed that the name Bhutan is derived from the Sanskrit ''Bhotant'', meaning ''the end of Tibet'', or from ''Bhu-uttan'', meaning ''high land''. Historically the Bhutanese have referred to their country as ‘Druk Yul'', the land of the thunder dragon. Our goal is the most revered peak in Bhutan, Chomolhari (7314m or 23996 ft) and its sister peak, Jichu Drake, situated at the borders of Tibet and Bhutan. Chomolahari is a 10 day trek. U fly from Kolkatta to Paru. App cost Rs 70,000/. Max altitude during trek is 16000 feet. U view a mountain view during the trek.

U see a monastery in Thimpu. Best time to do trek is April-May and October. Mount Chomolhari is the most sacred mountain in Bhutan & called the ''Mountain of the Goddess''.

Tourists at the base point enroute to Tiger Nest''s monastery where the revered sage Guru Rimpoche meditated for 3 months months. U see the monastery on right of picture in the cliff. The monastery is called Taktsang Lhakhang and is one of the most piligrim place for the Mahayana Buddhist.

A closer view of the Tiger Knest monastery on the cliff. This is a moderate to tough trek with avg walk of 20 kms per day.

This is a 10 day trek. Day 1 is Paro to Shana 17 kms, day 2 is Shana to Thangthangkha 22 kms, day 3 is to Jangothang 19 kms 13222 feet, day 4 rest, day 4 to Lingshi 18kms, day 5 rest, day 6 to Shodu 22kms see the Yele la Pass, day 7 to Barshong 12075 feet 16 kms, day 8 to Dolamkencho 15 kms, day 9 to Thimpu. We start the trek. U see colorful trees.

Camping at Shana ie at 11545 feet. From Shana trek 22 kms to Thangthangkha app 6-7 hours.

Redberry''s, just loved the picture. During the flight to Paro you will see Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga and other famous Himalayan peaks so watch out.

U see Thangthangkha camp ie at 11545 feet

Trek 5-6 hours to see Jangothang camp (the last settlement in the valley) 13222 feet with Chomolhari peak in the background. U get a great view of Mount Jichu Drake.

Day 6 is relax at Jangothang. U see us trekking from Jangothang to Lingshi. U see Jichu Drake lake 6989 metres, it is a 3-4 hour trek to the point from u get a good view.

Trek 6-7 hours to reach Lingshi. Morning due.

U see us camping at Barshong 12075 feet.

Trekking amongst awesome flora and fauna.

From Shod u see the beautiful Yele la Pass.

Trek from Barshong to Dolamkencho 15 kms 5-6 hours.

Valley enroute.

Camping at Dolamkencho.

Trekking down from Dolamkencho to Shana 8 kms 3 hours.

Trekking down from Dolamkencho to Shana 8 kms 3 hours. So we started trek from Paro/Drukgyel Dzong and ends at Dodena from where we drove to Thimpu.

A castle in Shana. If you like to take the trek mail Countryside at

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