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Rajgir is sacred to the memory of the founder of Baudhic & Jain Dharma since it is associated with both Lord Mahavir & Buddha. It was here that the first Buddhist Council was held and Lord Buddha delivered some of his important sermons here. Lord Mahavir also meditated in Rajgir. To reach Rajgir you need to use this chair lift or can walk up. This scene reminds me of the movie Johny Mera Naam where my favorite actor Dev Anand tries to flirt with actress Hema Malini, actually the scene shows both of them on one chair lift.

You get off from the chair lift at a high point that is not far from a stupa built by the Japanese. This stupa is built at a place where Lord Buddha used to meditate.

A closer view of the stupa. There are two lion statutes on either side of the entrance to the stupa. Reminds me of the Mysore Palace where there were two lions at the palace too.

A closer view of one of the lions. The nearest airport is Patna 101 kms

On all four sides of the stupa you have statues of Lord Buddha each in different pose. What you see is a sleeping Buddha

What you see is a sitting Buddha.

What you see is a sitting Buddha. The Rajgir Mahotsav (Indian Classicial Performing Arts Festival) is held from 24 to 26 October every year. The festival includes performance of folk dance, devotional songs and instrumental music.

What you see is a standing Buddha with a vertical view of the stupa. Do visit Ajatshatru s Fort and Pawapuri (38 kms). Also known as Apapuri the sinless town, this place is an important Jain center. It is here that Lord Mahavir delivered his last sermon a

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