Chitrakoot Waterfalls Bastar

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1. I first visited in December 2012 and again in October 2018 for the awesome Bastar Dussehra. U see Chitrakoot Waterfalls, height drop 95 feet, width 980 feet on Indravati River. Loved the rainbow. See tourists in boat.

2. This pic is about August 15 2018 & courtesy a tour organiser, Santosh Nimbalkar, whom I met in Jagdalpur. Awesome. Am told best time to visit is September – October depending on how well it has rained.

3. This pic taken on 25th September 2012 was provided to me by a local photographer during my 2012 visit. Looks as impressive as the earlier pic. Waterfalls is about 40 kms from Jagdalpur. If you take local bus takes 1.5 hours, car should be less than an hour. Roads very good.

4. It was Dussehra vacation so lots of tourists. Met two couples from Vizag, they drove 300 kms odd to visit. Locals said it had rained less this year.

5. Another view. U walk down hill to point where Adivasis run a boat service. They take you as close as possible to the point where the water drops – loved the experience even though got wet. Went for boat ride second time only to get wet.

6. View of waterfalls, called as India’s Niagara by many. Chattisgarh Tourism run a resort there. Looked good and offers an impressive view. Another pal said waterfalls look very good around sunset. Shall keep that for next visit.

7. At point where we get into boat men row the boats for tourists (Rs 50/ per head) whilst women make lovely bhajiya and chai. Potato pakodas and besin / udat ki dal ka mix with tomato chutney. Super stuff. A family from Bhilai ate as if there was no tomorrow.

8. Front view of waterfalls.

9. This drop being smaller the boat goes virtually under the waterfall. Great stuff. Boat takes you to this waterfall first and then the main one, all of 15-20 minutes.

10. Boat returning. Adivasis good at rowing – felt very safe. They provide life-jackets to all. There was a never ending flow of tourists.

11. View of Indravati River. Boats that you see in centre of pic is where you get into boats for a truly memorable experience. Remember on Friday is the weekly Haat Market i.e. about 5 kms away – must visit, esp. see the cockfights.

12. A view of the waterfalls as I walked down the hill to the point from you go boating.

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