Chitrakoot waterfalls

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Jagdalpur Chitrakut falls - enjoying the falls. You can reach the top of the falls by climbing the rocks. Jagdalpur is in Bastar district in southern part of state.

Jagdalpur Chitrakut falls formed by the Indravati River, also known as the Indian Niagra - the rainbow is always visible during clear weather. About 38 kms to the west of Jagdalpur - a one hour drive on an excellent road - this spectacular fall is formed when the river Indravati abruptly collapses into a 100 feet deep cavern. The mouth of the fall, when in full profusion, is over 1,000 feet wide.

Jagdalpur Chitrakut falls. To enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls spend a whole day at Chitrakut i.e. sunrise to sunset. Best time to take pictures is afternoon.

Jagdalpur Chitrakut falls at dusk. Chitrakot is a horse-shoe shaped waterfall, best seen during and after the monsoon, between July and October.

Jagdalpur Chitrakut falls view from resorts rear balcony. Stay at the Chhatisgarh Tourism resort - is good. U also get a good view of the waterfalls from there.

Jagdalpur Indravati river - view from Chitrakut falls.

Jagdalpur Indravati river - view from resort.

Jagdalpur Chitrakut resort is strategically located near the Falls .

Jagdalpur Chitrakut Resort front view from balcony.

Jagdalpur Danteshwari Mataji temple was built in 14th century by the Chalukya Kings - it is believed that Sati Mata''s tooth was found here and it is an important Sakti Pith.

Jagdalpur View from Danteshwari Matajitemple , river Indravati joins the Godavari river near this place.

Jagdalpur- Kanger dhara in Kanger Valley National Park. Enriched with natural beauty Bastar is also called the ''Kashmir of Chhattisgarh''. Deep thick forests of Sal, Sheesham, Teak etc. between high mountains, huts made of bamboo all add to the beauty of Bastar.

Jagdalpur Kanger Valley National Park - a biosphere reserve of Chattishgarh. As close to nature as I could get.

Jagdalpur Tirathgarh falls - also formed by the Indravati River inside the Kanger Valley National Park. This 300 ft high waterfall is actually situated in the Kanger Valley National Park (about 15 minutes from the park entrance), about 35 km south of Jagdalpur. The fall here splits into multiple falls, creating a stunning vista. Best time to visit Oct to Feb. All around are ruins of a 1,000 year old Indian civilization.

Jagdalpur to Vizag - Araku valley from the train. It takes aound 2 hours. Looks exotic.

Jagdalpur to Vizag midway - Junput Landscape from the train. From Vizag I took a train back home. I hope to visit Chhatisgarh again - this time in monsoon.

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