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Barnawapara - Near the resort through forested roads from Raipur. It took us approximately 1 hour by car to reach Barnawapara. Chhattisgarh is the most beautiful yet unexplored. states of India. There is so much of natural beauty to see and enjoy.

The Laxman Temple here, believed to have been built in the 7 th century, is one of the finest brick temples in India, in good condition. Sheshnaag serves as an umbrella to Lord Shiva on the top of the entrance, while incarnations of Load Vishnu, Krishna Leela ornamental symbols, and erotic carvings adorn the sides. The reigious segments of a temple - Vatayan , Chitya Gawaksha , Bharwahakgana , Aja , Kirtimukh and Karna Amalak - are engraved in the pillars of this Panchrath type.

This is the only temple dedicated to Laxman, brother of Lord Ram. It has exquisite carvings and precise construction.

The inside has the Mandap (shelter), Antraal (passage) and Garbha Grih (the main house). The Archaeological Survey of India has established a museum in the temple premises, which houses a collection of rare statues and other relics significant to the Shaiva, Vaishnava, Buddhist and Jain faiths.

Barnawapara eco resorts overlooking the Mohoda Lake - this resort is based entitrly on solar power. You can fly into Raipur or by train it is on the Mumbai Howrah line. There is a train to Vizag as well so pretty well connected.

Barnawapara Tribal Women - Ghonds and Baiga Tribes are predominant in this region. I found these ladies so hard working and that too with a smile.

Barnawapara Mohoda Lake - view from the resort.

Barnawapara Mohoda Lake.

Barnawapara Walking Trail around the resort - a region of red soil and deciduous forests. We enjoyed these walks thru the forests and were told it is more fun in the rains.

Gangrel Resort & Garden overlooking the Mahanadi dam and reservoir. We reached Gangrel from Barnawapara by car. It took us around 3 hours, through wide forested roads. It was a enjoyable drive.

Gangrel - view of the Mahanadi dam reservoir from room balcony. This is so beautiful. Wonder how come Bollywood and Tollywood have not discovered the place.

Gangrel Mahanadi River. This is a very popular fishing spot for the locals.

Keskal Valley in Kanker - We reached Jagdalpur from Gangrel by car, in nearly 4 hours. Keskal Valley is on the way from Gangrel to Jagdalpur. It is very beautiful.

Jagdalpur Dalpat Sagar Lake - This lake was dug around 400 years back, and there is a temple of Lord Shiva in the middle of the lake, which attracts a lot of devotees during Shiva Ratri.

Jagdalpur - Mustard fields near the resort.

Jagdalpur -Mustard fields in Bastar.

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