Jagdalpur Bastar

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Jagdalpur is about a 7 hours bus drive from Raipur. In main market saw images of tribal ladies. A local business family, the Lunia''s have sponsored this in memory of their father Shri Narendra Kumarji Lunia. Through the four concrete statues of Dandami Maria women put at the city’s main intersection, the colourful life ways of Dandami women has been depicted in Ghadawas or Bell metal art. Depiction of basket on the heads and dancing stick in the hands of the statues are symptomatic of their life style and household responsibility.

Close to where I stayed saw this school Saraswati Shishu Mandir. Functional and impressive school. Founds the students to be disciplined and well-behaved. Jagdalpur is a big town with a bustling market place.

Went to Jagdalpur Museum i.e. on the road to Chitrakoot. In their garden is a sample GHOTUL. It is an institution where unmarried boys and girls spend their nights. This regulates prenuptial interest of the tribal youths as a training centre to make them disciplined and good members of the society. Ghotul represents a genuine centre for developing the human spirit and some of the psychological and social problems at a certain stage. Ghotul is found among Muria tribe of Bastar. First two huts on right and area in front is Ghotul. Smaller hut to ie on its left is Devgudi, where the Devatas and Devis are kept. Read this VG article on Ghotul click here

This is called a Kachangadi. According to local tradition when a girl/woman is blessed by Ma Durga, she is supposed to have the spirit of the Goddess enter her body. As result, in the energy of Ma, she sways her head, gets certain powers or may sing and dance as well. To get the spirit to leave her body, the tribals have a ritual wherein the lady is made to sit on a swing with nails or thorns of a Bel tree. It is believed that the pain caused by the nails makes the spirit to leave the ladies, thus enabling her to lead a normal life again.’

In the garden is Memorial Pillar. The Dandami Maria of Bastar erect pillars by the roadside in memory of eminent persons of the village on their death. Carved motifs like what you see represent aspects of life cycle, environment, community, life and myths. Museum is VG, must visit. Opens at 10am. Unfortunately do not allow u to take pics.

Pic of Bison Hon dance by Maria tribe. Pic courtesy Jolly Deo of Kanker Palace Hotel.

Jagdalpur has a bustling market place. I thought must be a small town, affected by Naxal violence etc. All my thoughts were illusions of an urban Indian. Lots of economic activity, work and shops selling all the consumer durable products that I would find in metro towns of Mumbai, Chennai.

This is Bastar Jungle Resort ie a few kms away from Jagdalpur. A friend sent me this pic, had recommended but was short of time. If you do visit mail feedback.

In Jagdalpur main market is a state govt shop called Shabri. It sells products made locally that are unique to the state. Left is image made of wood and right is cast metal one.

Another collection of these images. I was told that cast metal work is mainly done in Kondagaon i.e. about 1.5 hours drive from Jagdalpur. Later on got to know that a lot of products are made in Jagdalpur itself.

Products made of wood. If you want to buy these from those who make them call K P Mandal Jagdalpur 7587164713. Another option is Ramesh Kumar Sahu Ektaguda i.e. 13 kms from Jagdalpur. Nos is 9424282764.

Round circle dance of deer horn Muria tribe near Kanker. Pic courtesy is Jolly Deo of Kanker Palace Hotel.

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