Tambdi Surla Shiv Temple

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We were scheduled to visit the Dudsagar Waterfalls but Shivji had other plans. Dudsagar plan got dropped and we visited Tambdi Surla Waterfalls instead. This waterfall is in a wild life sanctuary, about 45 minutes drive from Kulem station. 5 minutes from car park was this Shiv Mandir. Obviously Shivji wanted me to meet him.

Temple is dated 13th century, situated in Anmol Ghat with a stream flowing next to it, actually waterfall ka pani. This temple is the contribution of the Goa-Kadamba dynasty. Even though the temple is dedicated to Shivji it has images of Vishnu as you shall see later.

Temple surrounded by dense forests, the enclosure has temple in centre with well maintained garden on all sides. Side view of temple. Temple has strong influence of Hoyasala art. The Vimana is damaged as you can see.

Vimana has various images. This is of Brahma. Temple is called Tambdi Surla Mahadeva Mandir.

Please help with caption.

Image of Vishnu Janardhan.

View of temple from western side.

Dancing Shiva image.

Shiva and Parvati.

Nandi, the vehicle of Shivji. The temple is a place of active worship.

External wall has this design.

External wall has this design.

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