Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

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We were scheduled to visit Dudsagar waterfalls but landed up at Tambdi Waterfalls instead. It is about 45 minute drive from Kulem railway to station to starting point. These waterfalls are located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park. U see waterfalls with fellow trekkers at bottom of pic.

It is about a 5km trek through dense forests and streams, both up and downhill. U see the first of two streams. On return stream had even more water making crossing more fun.

U see me somewhere during trek.

Somewhere during trek. These pics clicked by Kunal, an unknown but helpful trekker and me but mostly by Kunal.

Lovely pic by Kunal. He had the camera for most part of the trek up and was nice enough to click pics on his own.

Really do not know what this piece of wood is but saw lots of this along the way. In some places the only way to cross was by walking on branches of trees. Other places there were bamboo trees fallen all over, had to bend lots good test for your back.

Examples of what we encountered. Those who could not figure out complex structure of branches fell. We were warned about Leeches (they suck blood from your body), u remove them by lighting a matchstick or putting salt on that area.

U see me enroute with water stream in background. Water falls with huge pressure plus rains so the pace of water was quick.

This is Tambdi Surla Waterfall. It was quite a trek but well worth it. Since none of us had done the trek before we knew not what was in store. Best part of this waterfall is you can go into the water and enjoy. Our trek group was 60 strong. To see pics of Shiv Temple that is at starting point of trek Click here

U see me in orange windsheeter, occupying balcony seat. Balcony seat means sitting on a rock closest to where the water drops. Loved it. Initially group members were sad about missing Dudhsagar waterfalls but Tambdi Surla trek and waterfalls made up for it. Coming down was easy. Have good shoes for this medium tough trek.

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