Lakhpat Gurudwara

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1. At the northwest corner of Kutch, facing north across the Great Rann towards Pakistan is Lakhpat Fort. Within the fort is a Gurudwara that you see. Behind that is fort wall. It is believed that Guru Nanak Dev stayed here enroute on Mecca.

2. From Lakhpat Guru Nanak crossed to Somiani port in Sindh and then headed to Mecca. He stayed here during his second and fourth journeys (udasis) in 1506-1413 and 1519-1521. Gurudwara has `Charan Paduka` Khadavas wooden footwear of Guru Nanak.

3. View of gurudwara and Lakhpat fort from the north-western side. It is a huge fort.

4. This gurudwara is now heritage building. "Guru Nanak stayed in a house on this site on his way to and from Mecca. Later his host`s descendant established a Tikana (seat) a Udasi panth, a sect of Sikh sadhus. The Udasi panth was founded in the 16th century by Nanak`s son Baba Srichand."

5. Picture of Guru Nanak with his son Srichand. Gurudwara has wooden footwear of father and son.

6. A wooden panel above the door entrance has this image of Lord Ganesh.

7. Wooden cabinet has picture of Guru Nanak and wooden footwear of Nanak and Srichand. Picture of Guru Nank was similar to what we had in our home years ago. When saw pic thought of Ma.

8. This is the Charan Paduka Khadavas wooden footwear of Guru Nanak and Baba Srichand.

9. You get to see lots of peacocks early morning and evening. We spent the night at the gurudwara - comfortable and clean.

10. Gujarat Tourism have produced a book on Lakhpat. Photographed pages relating to Guru Nanak for your reading. Book is authored by Deepak Goswami. He doubles as a guide for tourists. His no is 91 99138 73522. In case cannot get through his father has a tea stall at entrance to fort.

11. From book page titled Gurudwara Pehli Patshahi.

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