Mandvi Beach

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1. Mandvi is 60 kms from Bhuj. We drove in from Narayan Sarovar. Left at 8.30 am to reach before 11. We first went to Vijay Vilas Palace that was the summer retreat of the Maharaja of Kutch. Reached the beach at 12.30. Was hot. Looked around, clicked some pictures. Returned at 5.30 pm to click this pic.

2. Noon pic. Lovely beach and clean too. You can go for a horse or camel ride, boat ride or water scooters. Notice windmills on the right of pic.

3. Lots of birds. Water clean. Went for lunch to OSHO in the old city. Awesome thali all for Rs 130/. After that met Dr Pulin Vassa, a archaeologist who has some fascinating discoveries on the area. Went to buy local textiles from Vivekananda Development Institute and returned to the beach.

4. This is what Mandvi beach does to you, lifts up your spirits. In between saw local ship building activity. "Mandvi was established by Rao Khengarji in 1585. At one time it was a famous harbour connected to South Africa, China, Malaysia, Japan. Navigators of Mandvi were famous all across the world".

5. Lots of local people and tourists enjoying the beach. Evening it was a bee-hive of activity. "The sea going trading of the Kutchi people explains why region has 5 ports i.e. Mandvi, Mundra, Jakhau, Lakhpat & Koteshwar".

6. This is OSHO restaurant. Must visit. Super thali. You can do a Bhuj Mandvi day trip leave at 8 am return by 8 pm.

7. Lots of motor boats. Lady has a young child in her arms. Rate is Rs 100/ per head for a 1 km driver in the sea. Good fun. There are tents and hotels along the beach too.

8. Youngsters surely having a ball. Few venture very deep. Sea that evening was gentle. There is something special about Mandvi beach that made me happy.

9. Camel ride bhi hai and lots of birds. Went in February of 2018. For a senior & super Kutch guide call Pramod Jethi 91 93742 35379. For car hire call Narendra Bhai 91 9925440072 or Meet Bhai 91 88661 94748 or 87803 77140. Used them. Both very good and trustworthy.

10. You can race down the beach on these vehicles. To buy Kutch textiles in Bhuj visit Bhujodi 15 kms away. Recommend NGO Shrujan and Shyamji Bhai Vankar shop.

11. Not seen this before. The man takes the tube into the water up to the time the water reaches his chest. Two can sit inside tube.

12. Sunset at the beach is lovely. The peace and serenity was lovely. Lots of vendors selling snacks etc.

13. Close to the beach is Vivekanand Rural Development Institute (VRTI) that makes and sells shawls, salwar suits, saris, bed sheets, bags etc. Bought salwars for my wife, she loved them. Contacts 02834 230651 & You see different type of salwar. Bandhni and batic stuff very good.

14. Vijay Vilas Palace. Well maintained & lovely. Tourists can see the palace. It was built in Rajasthan style for Maharao Vijayrajji in 1929.

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