Dodra Kwar drive

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Dodra Kwar are two different villages on the opposite side of the Rupin river. For centuries the only way to get to Dodra-Kwar was to walk for a few days from Sangla Valley over the Rupin Pass or follow the Rupin river upstream from Naitwar, Uttaranchal. In 2009, a road was built from Rohru (100 kms from Shimla) that climbs up through thick forests of deodar and Himalayan birch that crosses over at Chanshal Pass and comes down into Rupin Valley. U see-once you start the climb to Chanshal Pass the views get better and better.

The perfect companion for a ride like this is a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

The fact that only two buses cross over Chanshal Pass (4,520m) pass daily, its clean green and has beautiful views. There is not another person visible for miles.

A resident of the village of Kwar wonders what brings city folk like us to their village and that too on motorcycles.

Coins were stuck in the crevices of temple in Kwar. When we asked what they signified we were told they were wishes and prayers. The phenomenal part of this trip is that it is unchartered territory and completely untouched by tourists.It is a spot in the Himalayas that is bang in the middle of tourist country but has just opened up access via road. It is too good a trip to let go.

An evening walk to the cooks home through the fields around the village of Kwar. Trips like these are organised by Vir Nakai, a vastly experienced traveler and motorcyclist. He runs a Adventure Travel Company called Helmet Stories. The company provides premium guided motorcycle adventure tours that are characterized by impeccable Royal Enfield motorcycles, great accommodation and meals.

In 2012 is when roads were made wider allowing traffic to reach the villages of Dodra Kwar. Helmet Stories has a superior support team, and exciting "off-bike" activities designed to maximize riders'' appreciation and enjoyment of the unique local culture in the areas in which we travel. These back roads have been Helmet Stories personal playground for years, and they have plotted out the best riding in India for you on your own motorcycle holiday.

This Dhaba owner has been at this same spot for the last 20 years. He has been feeding weary travelers and villagers from the time when the road was just a small path. They can show you places and roads easily missed and passed over by the crowd. During our ride together, you will enjoy the camararaderie of like-minded enthusiasts, seeing, tasting and feeling India''s diverse culture and geography i.e. best experienced from the seat of a motorcycle. To contact Helmet Stories for rides to Dodra/Kwar email

The road was very challenging and with the clouds rolling in made for dramatic pictures. Helmet Stories organise tours across the country. To know more Click Here

The road from Rohru to Kwar may just be about a 100 kms but it is very challenging and totally worth the trip. See pics of Kinnar Kailash Click here to see pics

The road snaking its way down from Chanshal pass down to Rohru. See pics of Rupin Valley Kinnaur Click here to see pics

Almost every house hold was out fixing, repairing or adding on to their house when we got there. Also read a good travelogue on similar trip ''Chanchal Pass - a Banished Beauty Click here to read

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