Kalpa Sangla Valley

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Welcome to Kalpa in Kinnaur District, 2960 mtrs. Kalpa is about a nine-ten hour drive from Simla or can be reached from Spiti Valley. Either way the drive is a treat for nature lovers.

Kalpa is best known for the Kinner Kailash Range and apple orchards. In this picture you see the former.

The Kinner Kailash Range. It is a short, exciting but difficult trek from Kalpa to the holy mountain.

The Beauty of Kalpa. Very green, close to nature. We walked through the mountains for about ten kms one way, saw villages, met locals enjoyed.

A husband wife team spraying insecticides to their Apple Orchard.

Narayan / Nagdevta temple - note its all woodwork unlike stone temples of Chamba Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Thanks to Chinese sponsored floods, bridges in Kinnar got washed away forcing locals to cross the Sutlej river (flows in from China, source Mansrovar) like this.

The hotel we stayed in, Blue Lotus, great place - view of the Kinner Kailash Range. It is two minutes from the bus stand.

Welcome to Sangla Valley, 2680 mtrs, 2 hours drive from Kalpa. If you thought Pahelgam in Kashmir Valley was beautiful forget it, Sangla is better anyday. If you go further down Sangla you reach the old Indo Tibet road.

Overview of Sangla with Baya River flowing by it.

Felling of Trees will destroy us.

Beauty of Sangla.

Picture was taken enroute from Kalpa to Sangla.

Once you cross Baya river you come across mini forests like these. We walked app six kms one way. You see me with three children; the focus clearly is on the shady beautiful environment.

This Mini-Power plant meets the electricity requirements of Sangla Valley.

The women of Sangla, good looking with a great complexion.

Nag Devata Mandir.

Entrance to Nag Devata Mandir, admire the woodwork.

Atop the Kamru Fort, palace of the former Maharaja of Rampur. It is a couple of kms away from main Sangla town.

Enroute from Kalpa to Simla is the Shatrujeet Bridge one of the many made by the Indian Army, serves as the lifeline of Kinnaur.

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