Kangra Valley

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Jawalamukhi temple 56 kms from Dharamshala is the famous temple of goddess Jawalamukhi or the Flaming Goddess. It is built over some natural jets of combustible gas believed to be the manifestation of Devi Bhagwati Jawalamukhi. Mughal Akbar tried to quenc

Kangra was the ancient capital of the powerful hill state – fort of Nagarkot. It stands witness to the ravages of conquerors from Mahmud of Ghazni to Mughal Jahangir. The picture shows Kangra Fort.

The Adhinath Temple opposite the fort.

Bajreshwari Temple, Kangra is known for its legendary wealth, robbed in 1009 by Mahmud of Ghazni. Destroyed by the earthquake of 1905 it was rebuilt in 1920.

Chamunda Devi, 15 kms from Dharamshala, is a goddess who is said to grant boons requested to her. The picture you see is a cave like scoop where a stone Lingam under a boulder represents Nandi Keshwar (Shiva).

Lord Hanuman in the Chinmaya Tapovan Trust, 9kms from Dharamshala

Hadimba Mata temple in Manali – wife of Bhima.

Ghatotkach Temple in Manali – son of Bhima.

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