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Manikaran is about 4 hours by bus from Manali. Took a 4.30 am bus to Buntar ie ahead of Kullu. Reached about 7 ish. Bus for Manikaran left at 8 to reach by 9.15 ish. Very scenic drive. Return came by a Tempo Traveller took about 3 hours. Shivji ki mahima at Shiv Mandir. The steam is from the hot water springs. Gurudwara next door keeps food in pots for cooking in springs.

During the 16th century the Raja of Kulu turned this Holy shrine of Shivji into Raghu Nathji. Water in the springs of Shri Ram Chandraji used to rise up to 14 feet before the earthquake of 1905. I took a bath in the springs, felt refreshed.

Overview - temple in front next to it is a Dera (called Gurudwara). All this in the very scenic Parvati Valley. Water of river Parvati rushes at great pace.

A view of the temple with hot water spring on right.

Shiv and Parvati images inside temple. Did Parikrama round the temple many times chanting Om Namoh Shivay.

Nandi outside mandir. Every child who came for darshan said something in the ear of Nandi, smiled and then went inside.

There are other popular temples in Manikaran too. This one is Naina Bhagvati Mandir. It is made of wood, temple details in next pic. "The reflection, glow and energy of Shivji third eye gave rise to the birth of Naina Bhagvati".

Board has all the information about temple and reasons for worship of Naina Bhagvati.

Side view of temple, in front are hot water springs that are seen at various points in Manikaran. It is however all on this side of the river.

Image of Shivji on left and Krishna / Radha on the right. Temples with such woodwork find only in Himachal.

Observe the wood work on ceiling.

This temple is minutes away from the Naina Bhagvati mandir whose name I forget.

Drive enroute to Manikaran. On other side of hill are farmers. How do they send their produce to buyers to this side where the road is. There are ropes that connect one hill to another. Veggies are filled in containers, red color that you see, and then pulled from the other side. Great way to transport.

Prachin Shri Ram Mandir - it is newly made now. Has good rooms where you can stay and hot water bathing facility too.

Overview of main temple. Left are newly made rooms for devotees to stay.

They run a langar, very good food and best part you clean your own utensils.

Separate rooms for men and women, very clean.

Dera followed on Shivji mandir on left of pic.

Pic of Param Pujya Shri Sant Narayan Hari ji Maharaj who meditated here and ie how the dera came into being. Today it is run by his daughter and son-in-law Baba Shri Ram.

Inside the dera. Pillars have pics of Hindu gods like Ma Durga and Shri Krishna.

Bridge that you saw earlier takes u from dera to opp site where the white dome structure is dedicated to Sant Narayan Hari ji, extreme left has a car park and right are newly made rooms. In the centre is swimming pool with hot water. Note hot water is only the temple/dera side so it comes through a pipe to this side. This side of complex very touristy.

View of pool, river Parvati and residential rooms for devotees. It is a 7 storied structure. As you can see pillars are made on river bed, the piece of land being very small to accomodate such a large structure.

View from pool side. In 2015 a huge piece of rock came down at rocket speed and felt on the residential rooms. It came with such force that it made holes in every floor of the building. A few devotees died during this mishap.

Whole area very scenic. Left is car park, walk ahead of that to cross river and come to where temples are. River Parvati in front. In winter months area must be lovely.

Om Namoh Shivay. It took lots of patience to click a pic of Shivji without steam covering him. Ishwar ki bahut kripa.

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