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Terrace farming clicked enroute from Dalhousie to Mcleodganj 1770 mtrs. We met a number of Israelis here; in fact the menu had a number of Israeli dishes. Our overnight journey from Mcleodganj to Manali had the bus filled with Israeli students. The few ones I spoke to loved India esp. Himachal Pradesh.

Inside the Tibet Museum, a Memorial dedicated to the 1.2 million Tibetans who died as a result of Chinese occupation.

Mcleodganj is the home of Dalai Lama and Tibetans. Picture in the Museum shows the Chinese assault into Tibet.

Monks inside the main hall of the Dalai Temple Complex.

A closer look of the monks inside the hall.

Statue of Lord Buddha inside the hall.

Seat of Dalai Lama inside the hall.

A Gurukul inside the temple complex.

This cupboard has a collection of texts called Kagyur, translations of the actual teachings of Buddha. These 100 volumes translated from Sanskrit are the authentic teachings of Buddha himself and contain the whole collection of sutras and tantras.

Another cupboard has a collection of texts called Tangyur, translation of the commentaries of Buddha by late Indian Masters. The 225 volumes translated mostly from Sanskrit, contains work on Buddhist philosophy, grammar, logic, poetry, art, astronomy, medicine etc.

This is a Mana Prayer Wheel. It is filled with thousands of Avalokiteshwara mantras " Om Mani Padme Hum" . By turning this wheel once one earns merit equal to the reciting of the mantras filled inside the wheel to be turned clockwise. May all beings find Peace and Happiness.

Tibetan women weaving carpets inside a Cooperative.

Tibetan children at play inside a school.

Bhagsunath Temple 2 kms away.

Waterfall is a 2-3 kms-exciting trek from Bhagsunath Temple.

Innovative locals use chilled waterfall ka water to make soft drinks cold.

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