People of Manali

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This the Mata Mandir on the Mall Road in Manali.

I rank this amongst the best pic in this album. Pic is in Solang Valley close to the Shiv Temple. These ladies dress up tourists in Himachali clothes. Very helpful and friendly.

Overview of the Mall Road Manali. Went to the terrace of a hotel to take this pic. U can spend hours at the Mall road just observing people. Lots of places to eat or just sit on the bench and chill.

Lady in the Mall road market.

Next to the Mata mandir in pic 1. It is their smiles that got me to click them.

Collection also includes pics of people of Manikaran. This lady was in a shop in Manikaran - it took some persuasion to get her to agree.

Also in Manikaran is this Himachali lady. The salwar kameez is because she has married a Punjabi Sardar. Again very sporting.

Musician in Manali Mall.

Foreigners at Mall road. Rest sells pav bhaji, samosas, alu tikkis and lots more. There are wide range of restaurants. U get Gujarati and Rajasthani thali too.

Solang Valley. Like the ladies in pic 2 they dress tourists in Himachali clothes. Unlike the ladies in pic 2 it took me about ten minutes of pleading before they agreed to be clicked.

Again in Solang Valley - knitting is a favourite pass time.

Next to the Mata Mandir on Mall Road these 3 ladies set up their shop about 8pm every evening and shut by about 12. They on keep knitting and smiling all the time. Enjoyed chatting with them. Their stuff is good quality, hand woven and cheaper than shops.

This is enroute to Manu Mandir. It was apple plucking season, the man was going to the farm to remove apples. Met a couple of very smart young ladies going to the market to sell apples, straight from their farm, but they refused to let me click. It seems some foreigners clicked and sold their pics so they are apprehensive now.

Leg Massage on the mall is very popular. I did not want to get done, the guy said will do a sample massage. I said ok. He pressed my muscles in such a manner that I had pain after an hour.

Whilst walking to Manu Temple saw a government school in old Manali. These cute children study there.

Group of children same school.

Same schools kids from class 6 or 7.

Old Manali - lady with a rabbit. She insisted I pay Rs 20/ to click her, did not leave me with a choice.

Old Manali is where the bag packers live, has mostly foreign tourists. Lots of cafeterias and restaurants that appeal to foreigners. Much quieter too, liked the place. It is about a 15 minute walk from Mall road, at a height too.

Met these smiling ladies at the Mall road.

Om Namah Shivay. Inside Shiv Mandir Manikaran.

Inside shopping market ie off Mall road Manali.

Manali is full of honeymooners, a newly wed is feeding her husband.

Himachali ladies in Manikaran.

Drove through a village whilst returning from Solang Valley to Manali. Met this group of Nepali kids somewhere enroute. To see pics of Naina Devi Mandir Click here

Local home in old Manali. Loved the surroundings. Thought of just walking in but then decided not to. To see pics of Spiti Valley Click here

After spending 4 days amongst the lovely people of Manali decided to don a Himachali dress. U see me at prachin Shiv Mandir in Solang Valley. To see pics of Hadimba Temple Manali Click here

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