By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2014

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Akhnoor is about 25 kms from Jammu and on the banks of the river Chenab.It is famous for its fort that you see, Pandava Gufa and a Gurudwara.

It is a small fort by Rajasthan or Maharashtra standards. Construction began in 1762 and completed in 1802 by Raja Alum Singh. It has watch towers, a palace and mural paintings (not in good condition). A large part of the fort has been encroached upon. To see pics of Shivaji Maharaj Raigarh Fort Click here

A view of the palace which is undergoing restoration work.

A view of the fort walls, centre of pic are steps to the river Chenab.

Close to the fort is Gurudwara Tapo Asthan. Board is self-explainatory. Babaji meditated in the Pandava Gufa in 1903 and later Baba Mohan Singhji resolved to build a Gurudwara nearby, construction of which started in 1997.

View of the Sant Baba Sunder Singhji Alibeg Wale Gurudwara on the banks of the river Chenab.

View of the river Chenab that flows in from Himachal Pradesh (name there is Chander Bagha) thru Kishtwar. After many years a concrete bridge was made that u see at end of pic.

A newly wed couple on the banks of the river. Girl is wearing chudhas (red n white bangles) symbol that she is newly wed.

Board outside ancient Pandava Gufa. It is said that Pandavas came here during Agyatvas period.

Entrance to Cave. Visited many caves in Jammu Yatra where Rishis etc meditated. Must say all of them are well maintained n made in a contemporary format.

It is said that the Pandavas came here and incorporated a Shivling to seek blessings of Lord Shiva. U see Shivling.

Foot prints of Lord Krishna who is said to have come here as a child. Board in pic no 9 has more details. The drive from Akhnoor to Shiv Khori Cave, our next halt, is very scenic.

Left is Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Right is Raja Gulab Singh. At this place on the banks of the river Chenab Maharaja Ranjit Singh administered Raj Tilak to Raja Gulab Singh on 17/6/1822. I was very happy to see this and sought the blessings of these two great warriors. To see pics of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama in AmritsarClick here

River Chenab flowing into Pakistan. Wonder why India must allow water to flow to Pakistan, a country that has made export of terror an instrument of state policy.

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