Basholi Paintings

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2014

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Basohli, app 160 kms from Jammu, is well known for a style of painting i.e. characterized by vigorous use of primary colors and a peculiar facial formula that prevailed in the 17th and 19th centuries in the foot-hills of the Western Himalayas.

Drive from Jammu to Kathua is along a 4 lane highway. U turn left to go to Basohli. After a short while is all uphill not steep though but very very green. We were pleasantly surprised to see the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Dam ie built on the river Ravi. Basohli is at extreme right of pic, looks close but took a couple of hours.

It is from Basohli that this style spread to Chamba, Kangra etc. Met with members of Vishwasthali, a social and cultural organization, that is striving to keep the tradition children by teaching young children.U see paintings done by children.

A student painting. Locals complained of virtually no government support. Some seniors are trying their best to keep the tradition alive.

Some more paintings. Basohli was a small principality with a Hindu King and formed part of the Dogra Ruler''s area. It has a small fort that is in ruins. Small town, very nice place and lovely people. To see paintings in Nagaur Fort, Marwar, Rajasthan Click here

Another student at work. It does not cost much to support such activities, what is required is focus and sincerity. To see pics of Pattachitra Paintings in Raghurajpur (heritage village nearPuri, Orissa) Click here

Part of the area that forms part of the dam was submerged because of which time taken to reach Basohli has increased. Government is making this hanging bridge across the river Ravi that would make Pathankot (in Punjab) and Dalhousie (in Himachal) very close and thus improve connectivity. To see Bundi Fort (Rajasthan) paintings Click here

Some more paintings. Drive to and fro to Basohli was one more reason was glad we went there. To see pics of Bundela Paintings (Jhansi)Click here

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