By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2014

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It took nearly 2.5 hours from Kishtwar to Bhaderwah in Doda district. ''Bhaderwah is also known as “Nagon ki bhoomi,” which means "land of snakes". It is at a height of 5300 feet. We reached at about 6.30 pm, checked into hotel had dinner and slept. Snow clad peak that you see is where devotees go for a Kailash Yatra.

Early morning view from hotel. For 5300 feet it was very cold loved it though. We went in October 2014.

Another view of town. Places to see are Chinta Valley, Seoj Meadow, Padra (40 kms away), Jai Valley (35 kms away). To read more Click here

Set out for an early morning walk at 6 am. Met them enroute. Two storied structure behind is where we stayed Ashapati Hotel View. Simple and clean rooms for Rs 500/ - assume it is an off season rate.

Vasuki Naagji Mandir. Highly worshipped by locals. To read good article about Vasuki Naagji and Kailash Yatra Click here

Image of Vasuki Naagji on right of pic. To read more see pic no 17.

Made in memory of Shri Ruchir Kumar Kaul who was killed by terrorists at this spot on 7.6.1994.

During early morning walk met them, person on right is respected Panditji.

We walked thru the market, bought some Rajma (Bhadarwah rajma is considered the best) and walked through fields to Gupt Ganga.

Gupta Ganga Mandir. Water comes through the rocks hence called Gupt, no one knows where it comes from.

Inside the temple is a foot print of Bheem, brother of Arjuna of Mahabharata.

Water was so clean and pure. In this pic see water, fields, deodhar trees and snow clad peak.

A Swami inside the temple, unaffected by the travails of the modern world. Would have liked to spend time here but was short of time.

Government made a fish pond, artificial lake and garden. Wish it was left as is i.e. natural.

Inside garden is image of Shaheed Chuni Lal, Ashok Chakra-Vir Chakra-Sena Medal. This local lad was awarded Sena Medal for contribution during the first battle of Siachen Glacier, Vir Chakra for beating enemy back on LC and Ashok Chakra for making the supreme sacrifice in J&K in 2007.

Ancient 2062 year old Shree Vasuki Nagji Mandir. ''''The famous treks from Seoj, Padri, Jai Shpar Dhar and other destinations have been discovered by locals and foreigner trekkers while on joint expedition.'''' To know more Click here

History of Mandir. Bhadarwah is base for Kailash Yatra or trek to Vasuki Kund situated at a height of 14,500 feet. Yatra starts on the 14th day after Shravan Purnima. Trek distance is 12 miles.To know more Click here

Overview of Bhadarwah town, very scenic. ''On the eastern side of Bhadarwah city about 30 kms, lies the meadows of ''Padri''at an elevation of 11000 feet''s extending upto ''Bhal Padri'' which over looks Valley of Changa''. Good for paragliding etc.The never melting glacier popularly known as ''Sonbai'' has snow round the year and hence popular.''

Lakshmi Narayan Temple in market. Bhadarwah is about three hours drive from Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.

Arya Samaj Bhadarwah that was established in 1908.

Overview of town, in centre u can see temple sphire ie where we went next.

Recently made Durga Mandir. To see pics of Jammu City Click here

Inside the temple, very well laid out and clean. To see pics of Mansar Lake.Click here

We left Bhadarwah around 1 ish, u see river Chenab somewhere before Patnitop. Drive was very scenic. To see pics of KishtwarClick here

Terrace farming. Kishtwar, Doda, Bhadarwah, Patnitop all very beautiful places. To see good pictures of Bhadarwah Click here

Enroute at Ramgarh was this rest that serves only Rajma Chawal (rice). During 11 day Jammu Yatra had rajma virtually every day. This place was super. Best part he pours Ghee on the rice which made it even more tasty (see man on left of pic). To see pics of Budha Amarnath Mandir Click here

Virtual end of Jammu Yatra - u see with my hands up. It is a variation of the Singhakranta Mudra that helps regain lost halo due to abuse of body. To know more about Mudras Click here

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