Drive from Leh to Kargil

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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We left Leh at 6.15am. It was beautiful weather in the month of August 2016. This album has landscape pics taken during the drive and important places along the way. Took this pic near Sangam i.e. where the rivers Indus and Zanskar meet.

Gate to the Highest LPG Bottling plant in the world run by Indian Oil.

Morning view, love the sky in Leh. The colours and clouds always surprise me.

Hills have different designs, wonder how that happened.

Another view.

A clearer view near Magnetic Hill.

Except for a short stretch before Kargil, the road is very good. U can go as fast as the curves allow you to.

In patches there are trees all over Leh. It usually indicates the place is inhabited.

Road is along the river Indus.

Loved the design of this hill and color of sky above.

Hill on left had a purplish color to it.

This road is as good as it can get, as smooth as Hema Malini ka cheeks.

We had to drive up to the top of the hill i.e. in the centre of pic.

Strange designs of hill as we climbed up.

Moonland Formation near Lamayuru monastery.

View of Lamayuru monastery with Moonland Formation in the background.

How do they makes homes and monasteries on the top of the hill as you see. Best part is they carry on for generations.

Foreigners biking you see galore. Khaltsi 19 kms away is where the Aryans live. Place attracts lots of tourists. There are many places to stay near Lamayuru Monastery. Wish had spent a night there.

At Fotula Pass 13479 feet. Drive up and down was exciting.

Way up to Fotula Pass.

A village after Fotula Pass.

Village somewhere enroute.

Bikers at NAMIKALA PASS 12198 feet. Leh is ful of bikers.

Unique image of MAITREYA who is an ''embodiment of the great love of all the Buddhas. According to classical sutra literature it is the Bodhisatva Maitreya who is the coming Buddda fifth in the line of thousand Buddhas who will descend to this world. Currently he is residing in the Deva Realm of Tushita''.

A side view. "The statue of Maitreya was carved about 1 century A.D. During the Kushan period. Village name is MULBEK. To read a good travelogue on visit to Lamayuru monastery Click here

A close up view of MAITREYA.

View of Kargil town. We reached Kargil at 12 noon. The 210 kms drive usually about 5-6 hours depends on how many places you stop at.

These pics are on the way back closer towards Leh. So far pics were early morning, these are between 5 and 6 pm.

Loved the clouds and sky color.

Monastery or homes in the hills.

Great roads, clear sky.

Left is Pathar Sahib Gurudwara i.e. maintained by the Indian Army. Guru Nanakji came here in 1517 after his spiritual discourse in Sumer mountain.

Hill and sky view. To see pics of drive from Manali to Srinagar Click here

Lots of trees - this is very close to Leh. To see pics of Aerial view from Leh flight Click here

Mosque somewhere enroute - the design is very different from what one sees elsewhere. Heavy snow and rain requires to the roof design to let water flow down easily. All in all a great drive. To see pics of drive from Chandigarh to Leh Click here

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