Mughal Road

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2014

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Had read a lot about the Mughal Road so decided to take it. From Poonch we drove back to Surankote, drove may be 7-10 kms thereafter before Mughal Road starts. U see me at highest point on Mughal Road. We did trip in October 2014.

Starting point to Mughal Road, gives distances. Our target was the apple town of Shopian 84 kms.

Deodhar trees and snow clad peaks greeted us.

Shepherds also called Bakerwal met us everywhere. Each person owns between 500-1000 sheep/goat and quite well off, do not go by their looks. Some of them are very very rich.

A dried up river. Area is green to begin with, as we moved on it changed.

Area where road is made, fewer trees, more landslides lots of mud.

In between happy to drive on a smooth road as you see. On the net read about number of peaks like Tatakuti, Ganga Choti and Kagalana. Did not see any boards drawing our attention to these peaks.

This hill is barren. On top of pic u can see goat/sheep being guided down by shepherd to lower level. This year it snowed earlier than usual so everywhere that we went we met them in large numbers.

The pipe that you see is being laid by a telecom company.

This pic gives you an idea of the roads, see front and centre end of pic.

It had just begun to snow, some peaks had snow others did not. During Yatra we drove nearly 1800 kms in a hired taxi. We used services of Bishen Sharma, good guy who drives the car himself. If you like to use his services call 9419296745, 9797350725.

At Pir Pass 11,500 feet. Get nice omlet toasts and maggi noodles here. What I did not like was they were being served in thermacol plates which is bad for the environment. Problem of thermacol plates is spreading across India.

Shepherds on horse back. Locals told me that Mughal Road still not officially approved by State Govt hence when accident takes place there are issues with the Insurance companies. To see pics of a great drive ie to Sinthan Pass to KishtwarClick here

From Pir Pass it is all downhill, we did it less than an hour. Uphill took 1.5 to 2 hours. View downhill. To read All you like to know about the Jammu & Kashmir Problem Click here

30 kms from Poonch do visit the Budha Amarnath Mandir. To see picsClick here

From Shopian we drove to Anantnag. Here do visit the Martand Mandir whose pic u see . To see pics Click here

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