Nangali Sahib Gurudwara

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2014

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View of Nangali Sahib Gurudwara ie about 10 kms from Poonch. It is known as Shiromani Dera Sri Santpura Nangali Sahib.

Board outside Gurudwara. It was established in 1803 by Sri Sant Bhai Mala Singh. After Guru Govind Singhji founded Khalsa in 1699 he sent leading devotees to various parts of the country to spread Khalsa. Baba Fairu Singhji was assigned North-West mountains including Poonch and Kashmir Valley.

Main entrance of Gurudwara. Few devotees when we went in mid October 2014. Sants after Baba Fairu Singhji were Baba Punjab Singhji (1672-1736), Bhai Rocha Singhji (1688-1803), Bhai Mela Singhji (1783-1854), Bhai Manna Singhji (1791-1870), Mangal Singhji (1844-1877), Rattan Singhji (1828-1889), Avtar Singhji (1865-1892), Rattan Singhji Modi (1816-1901), Mohar Singhji (1878-1919), Mangal Singhji (1880-1947), Bachittar Singhji (1918-1991), Manjit Singhji (1954---).

Inside Gurudwara. This building was inaugurated in 2011 per board. To see pics of Keshgarh Sahib Gurudwara where Khalsa was founded Click here

Close up of the Granth Sahib. It was quiet, peaceful, spent some time here just walking around to seek aashirwad of earlier Sants. We had lunch at the langar. At usual food was very tasty and served with spirit of sewa.

When you walk down towards the river enroute are these rooms in the hill where Sants meditate and do mantra jap. Not sure how old these caves are though. It is called Tapasya Asthan.

Close to river is samadhi of Samaad Thakur Bhai Mela Singh Ji. To see pics of Golden Temple Click here

A rear view of the Gurudwara. Whole area is very green. Lots of accommodation in the Gurudwara. To visit Hemkunt Sahib Click here

In this collection we also show you the Mattan Sahib Gurudwara Anantnag. Board inside Gurudwara. In 1517 Guru Nanak stayed at Mattan Sahib for 13 days.

It was Kashmiri Pandits from Mattan that met Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1675 and complained of persecution at the hands of Muslim rulers.

Entrance to the Gurudwara. It forms part of the complex that has many temples.

Surya Mandir Complex in Mattan. On left is Gurudwara. The spring is always full with water as it is believed to flow from Shri Amar Nath Ji. To see pics of Surya Mandir Click here

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