By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2014

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I had always heard of Rajouri on TV and was happy to be there in Oct 2014. U see an overview of the town.

Rice fields enroute to Rajouri. It is about 140 kms from Jammu.

Image of Baba Banda Bahadur. He was a contemporary of the 10th Sikh Guru Govind Singhji and took the battle further into the enemy camp. He was supposed to be born at Rajouri. The biggest Gurudwara dedicated to him is near Katra that in turn is 55 kms from Jammu.

Enroute to Rajouri is Chengus Sarai. Interesting story about Mughal Emperor Jahangir do read.

Jahangir died enroute from Lahore to Delhi in 1627. To avoid a war of succession his wife Noor Jehan buried his intestines'' here but put his face on the elephant so people thought King was alive. U see the place where his intestines'' were buried.

Shepherds near Chengus Sarai also called Bakharwals.

From Balidan Bhawan view of river in Rajouri. Other side of river is a recent development and pre-dominantly Muslim.

U see Balidan Bhawan. It is dedicated to those who were killed during Partition. Story is - In 1947 local women and men got to know of the impending attack by Kabayalis and local Muslims.

Where possible photos of those killed are kept in memory. When death stared at them the women, with the consent of their husbands, consumed poison. When poison got over they got the men to shoot them.

More pics of martyrs. When bullets got over women requested men to slit their necks.

App 20,000 people from Rajouri and nearby villages became martyrs. The Bhawan is made in memory martyrs and displays pictures of some.

To read more about what happened during partition Click here

Local in market, loved his smile.

The most popular sweet shop in Rajouri. Loved their paneer ka pakodas.

This is the Shri 108 Brahmarishi Dudadari Barfani Ashram. Very impressive and clean.

Overview of the temple complex. To see pics of Shiv Khori Cave Click here

Under this tree Swamiji had meditated years ago. To see pics of Poonch Click here

Local ladies who had come to perform kar sewa that - cleaning of temple premises. To see pics of Budha Amarnath Mandir Click here

In Rajouri market. To see pics of Kishtwar Click here

Front view of temple. Loved Rajouri - small place, has an Army Goodwill School, lots of places to eat and lovely fruits. Balidan Bhawan would remain part of my memory forever. To see pics of Martand Sun Mandir Click here

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