Sand Dunes Nubra Valley

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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From Khardungla to Khalsar is 58 kms. From here u turn to Diskit and Hunder. It is a wow drive through Shyok and Nubra valleys. It was raining so made it more enjoyable although difficult for photography. No complaints great experience. Sand Dunes Nubra at 10,500 feet.

Shyok river.

Road to Khalsar.

We first went to Diskit Monastery. Then came to the sand dunes, had lunch and waited for double humped camels to arrive. That starts at 3.30 pm. Took this pic from close to the sand dunes area, small stream in front and vehicle at bottom of hill. We took the same route as well.

Double humped camel at HUNDER.

They come in a herd about 3.15 ish and cross the stream. Rate is Rs 200/ for a 15 minute drive. Am not too fond of camel riding but just said come all the way, let me do it.

Foreigners off for a camel ride. Weather was super. Lots of places to stay in Nubra Valley. I was there for about 5 hours but can easily spend 2 days. Worth it. About 75 to 100 kms ahead is Turtuk which India captured from Pakistan in the 1971 war.

U see me. Ride is bumpy but enjoyable.

View of the sand dunes. To see pics of Diskit Monastery ie very close to sand dunes Click here

ATV ride on world''s highest sand dunes at Khalsar-Nubra 10,500 feet. To see pic of Sam dunes near Jaisalmer Click here

Smaller sand dunes are Sumur. From Nubra return to Khalsar and take road to Sumur. There was not a soul when we went. To see pics of Turtuk referred to earlier Click here

At Khalsar this gives all the distances.

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