Suru Valley

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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We left Kargil and after a short while entered Suru Valley. View somewhere enroute. It has beautiful Himalayan landscape. We drove about 70 kms ie from Kargil to village Panikhar and back.

With locals in village Sangra.

View enroute. Drive is very scenic.

Road is good up to a point. As you cross Tresponse (25 kms from Kargil ie famous for Imambara style mosque a mixture of Tibetan and Islamic styles) and Sankoo (42 kms from Kargil) the road gets bad. Snow clad peak are famous Nun-Kun hills.

I think this is the SURU river enroute.

25 kms ahead of Sankoo is a village PANIKHAR. Fields before village.

Locals in village Panikhar. They seemed relaxed and happy.

Post Office co exists with a Solar Panel.

Few hotels in the village. Villagers collect empty gas cylinders and keep in one place. The day I went seemed to be the day when truck with refilled cylinders was to come to the village hence empty ones kept outside.

Be it Panikhar, Kumaon or Arunachal seen ladies with grass on their backs everywhere.

Walked into a local home. Very nice one storey house. Carpet on flooring in all rooms. They had TATA SKY so saw all the TV programs that people see across the country. They did not want to be photographed so took living room pic. Nice enough to offer me tea and biscuits.

Some more locals in shop. It was about 12 noon sunny. At nights gets very cold. After Panikhar the next stop is Rangdum in Zanskar Valley ie about 4 hours away.

Green House in centre of pic. Clean village, few people. Had a decent healthcare hospital.

Way back to Kargil. Road is where the houses are in pic.

Tall trees along road. Loved it.

Saw so many foreigners cycling all over Ladakh. Drive from Kargil to Panikhar is about 2 hours, another 4 hours takes you to Rangdum. To see pics of Spiti Valley Click here

Sad to see used plastic bottles along the roadside. If we do not care for the enviornment nothing shall remain. To see pics of Kargil War Memorial Click here

Happy to see so many trees enroute. To see pics of Journey to Phuktal Monastery in Zanskar Valley Click here

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