Tso Moriri Lake

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2016

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Overview of Tso Moriri Lake. We left Rezang La War Memorial about 4.30 pm, reached here by about 9 pm. It was very cold. Checked into a home stay.

Overview of village. Attracts lots of trekkers bec this is the starting point of trek to Manali. Reached 9 pm, left by about 9 am. Enjoyed early morning view.

View enroute drive from Chushul to Tso Moriri, somewhere close to Rezang La War Memorial. It is a very long but lovely drive.

About 1.5 hours ahead of Chushul met this family who run a highway restaurant. The good thing they had a gas cylinder and served very good tea. Kids were excited to have a customer over obviously not too many people came on this route.

About 2.5 hours ahead of Chushul. Roads are getting better by the day.

Early morning view of lake. Got up about 5 am. Due to less oxygen could not sleep well at night. Home stay was ok. Bathroom good. Slab did not seem to be at one level so felt one part of body down but less oxygen was a problem. Housewife served very good dal rice with veggies and omelette for breakfast.

Before sun rise. Lake at a height of 4595 metres, length 19kms width 3 kms.

A side view. Lake is close to the border with Tibet.

View of village from one end of lake. Right top small white structure is a viewing point. Locals all waiting for the army vehicle to take them to I think the main road or next town.

Early morning, peaceful and serene. Next to lake had a stimulating discussion on the benefits of Yog Asanas with a ITBP jawan.

Early morning chanting. Lots of good places to stay including tents. A bit expensive I thought though, above Rs 4,000/ for a night.

Another view of the village.

View of lake.

Happy to see huge solar panels against lake backdrop.

View of lake as we were drove away from village.

View of lake. Whilst coming it was dark so could not click.

A short drive away from Tso Moriri is another smaller lake where we stopped by briefly. This is a view of Tso Moriri from a distance. To see pics of Rezang La War Memorial Click here

This is the second lake, missed noting down name. Loved the serenity, attracts lots of tourists who just come and sit there. To see pics of Diskit Monastery Click here

View enroute. Tso Moriri is about 250 kms from Leh, takes about 8 hours. To see pics of Pangong Lake Click here

Tibetan settlement enroute drive to Leh. To read a good blog on Tso Mori Click here

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