Vocational Training Centre Drass, Ladakh

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2021

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1. Just before the main market in Drass is a Vocational Training Centre in village Bhimbhat. That is what you see. It has individual rooms for computers, knitting, stitching etc. Hill on extreme right of pic is Tiger Hill. This VCT is run by the Indian Army.

2. It had 7 computers as of visit i.e. August 2016. The lady that you see has undergone computer training. She teaches basics esp. typing and importantly makes the child computer friendly. Liked the way she taught the children.

3. Closer view of class. Kid in front is just typing from a book. Good facility- important everything works. Army also runs a Goodwill School in Drass. Reached there after school closed, loved the way the walls were painted. Entire compound had very good vibrations.

4. When you visit Drass have to remember the very brave and inspirational Captain Vikram Batra. This board is somewhere on the highway. Does any Army in the world run vocational training centres?

5. We left Drass for Kargil about 8.30 am. It was time kids were going to school. Enroute saw this Army truck, now school bus, ferrying kids to school. Reminded me of our days–these kids look so happy going to school.

6. Close up of boys in school bus. Very happy to be photographed. As of August 2016, the Army runs 46 schools in J&K of which 8 each are in Jammu and Ladakh regions and 30 in Kashmir Valley.

7. Enroute met these young boys who study in 12th standard or college. The one in the centre wants to become a Chartered Accountant. Since am one, gave him some tips the most important one being CA means Come Again. Few pass exams first attempt so be prepared to work hard and do not get disheartened in case you fail.

8. These kids were waiting for the school bus to come, the one that you saw earlier. All smiles.

9. Back to the VTC at Drass. Room with 9 sewing machines. This being harvest time ladies were busy in the fields.

10. Was looking for the Draupadi Kund when stumbled upon Bhimbhat Stone near Kargil War Memorial. About 10 minute walk from here is a huge rock that according to tradition is the solidified body of the 3rd Pandava brother Bhim. The rock is surrounded by stones and close to the river. Not so easy to find but be patient. Met 2 locals who had come there.

11. Rock i.e. considered to be the solidified body of Pandava Bhim. Was told the Draupadi Kund is about 25 kms from Drass on road to Zojila Pass. In virtually every part of Bharat either the Pandavas or Shri Ram is said to have visited.

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