Zorawar Singh Fort Reasi

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2014

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This loop of the trip was exciting, we really did not know where we were headed. We knew wanted to go to Reasi to see Bhimgarh Fort which is what you see. There is nothing much inside the fort today. From road you need to climb 10-15 minutes to reach fort. Loved the look of fort though. Zorawar S was a Dogra born in Bilaspur ie in present day Himachal Pradesh. Family migrated to Jammu region at a young age. To read briefly abt Zorawar S Click here

Bust of Dogra General Zorawar Singh, general in army of Maharaja Gulab Singh of J&K, in Dogra Art Museum, Mubarak Mandi,Jammu. For the first time in the history of India he annexed parts of Tibet and made them as part of India. From Jammu region to reach Tibet, win a battle and return what a man. This is in the Jammu Dogra Gallery. To read about Zorawar Singh Click here

Zorawar Singh died in Tibet in 1841 while fighting Tibetan Army. His Samadhi is in Tibet - see pic. Note Reasi is app 30 kms from Katra, scenic drive. There is a Zorawar Singh Fort in Ladakh and a statue of the General in Jammu which I missed seeing. To read excerpts from a book Dogra Legends and Culture Click here

From Reasi we want to see the world''s highest rail bridge. No one was quite sure but we moved on and on. Human settlement on top of a hill, backdrop sunset and water is river Chenab.

This is Salal Dam somewhere enroute on the banks of the river Chenab. 25 kms from Katra is Dera Baba Banda after the brave Rajput, Banda Bahadur. Nishan Sahib is 48 feet high. We missed going there, if you have pics please mail to suryacon@gmail.com with 1-2 line captions and name of photographer. Baba Banda Bairagi was the favourite soldier of Guru Govind Singh. B92

Met a shepherd family enroute.

Cranes that you see on either side are for the proposed railway bridge across the river Chenab. We thought bridge was ready, were a trifle disappointed but the drive was lovely. It was very lonely, stone and mud road for most of the way, wandering into the unknown.

Local village close to the dam. It was about 5 pm so we did not see anyone from the company ie making the bridge. It was soon to get to dark, we did not want to take a chance of driving on a stone/mud road in the dark. Driver Bishen too was a trifle nervous. However, it was a beautiful drive.

Lady on the phone, way back from collecting fire wood. India''s biggest revolution is indeed the cell phone revolution.

Shepherd family with sarathi Bishen and me. It took us nearly three hours to reach Jammu. One hell of an exciting drive.

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