Badami Fort

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1. U see a view of Badami Fort taken from caves. First see A.S.I. Museum, reddish bldg that u see in the centre of the pic. Then walk around the Sarovar to Bhoothnath temple. Water body is Augustya Tirta Maha Sarovar.

2. Board outside fort. Even while experimenting in temple building they evolved the proto-type of the famous Southern Vimana style which the lower and upper Shivalaya (temple that you see on hill top) represent. Water body is Augustya Tirta Maha Sarovar. Loved it.

3. Inside the Fort, on the way up. There are so many boulders, wonder how they stay in equilibrium.

4. Doorkeeper at entrance of fort. It might look like a easy climb but is not that easy esp in hot sun.

5. Narrow steps between two bolders.

6. Temple called Upper Shivalaya. It is built on apex part of the hill. The Chalukyas experimented in temple building to evolve the proto-type of the famous Southern Vimana style that you see in the picture.

7. Lower Shivalaya temple. Town in the background. I stayed at Karnataka Tourism guesthouse - nice rooms but quite far away from the market.

8. U see the Bhutanatha Temples that are on left and right of pic. Waterbody is Augustya Triya Sarovar. It was made around the 8th century.

9. Board of the temples.

10. A close up view of the temple ie on the banks of the sarovar. It is made in South Indian style. There are a number of shrines of Kalyana Chalukya around this.

11. From the temple keep on walking. We saw a huge rock which had these sculptures. Left to right is Varaha, Ganesha, three in between do not know, then is Mahishashur Mardhini and last is Narasimha.

12. Walked ahead below a rock was a small temple which had this sculpture of Lord Vishnu.

13. Inside a cave is this carving of Lord Buddha. Went end January yet was very sunny hot by the day but cool by night.

14. Pic of local women washing clothes on the banks of the holy sarovar. The Akka-Tangi Waterfalls that flows from Badami hills is a treat to watch. If you have a picture please mail me for viewers to see.

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