Nandi Temple Bangalore

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The narrow wooden doorway leads down to the central pond of the complex and is perfectly aligned with the Shivling and Nandi Bull statue across it.

The interior structure – stone columns, corridors, steps, pond and the altar – remain as they were 7,000 years back.

The water from the Nandi Bull’s mouth falls into the brass container – few of the new additions to the temple – and onto the Shivling. The temple deity – Lord Shiva – here is known as “Abhisheka Priya” which means the God loves being anointed.

The source of the water from Nandi Bull’s mouth remains a mystery till date. The force of the flow is the same all year round

The lamp at the altar keeps burning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From 4-5 turtles initially, the pond now has about 15-20 adult water turtles, a few hatchlings and some fishes.

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