RKM Thrissur

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Years ago a RKM Swami had told me about this school. So when Thrissurpuram plan happened said this is a must visit. School started in 1927 mainly for Harijan students. In May 2014 it had app 2,000 students. This is a boys school, opposite is Sharada Math a girls school with app 2,000 students.

Overview of school. New building being made with donations from RKM, ex-students and devotees. In this school State Govt pays teachers salaries and a small amount for maintenance of the school.

Hearing about school started for Harijans, Gandhiji visited school, stayed in building that you see on 16-1-1934. It is called Gandhi Smriti. If you like to support RKM efforts please email rkmtsr@gmail.com or call 0487 2304944.

Overview of temple in Ramakrishna Math ie at one end of school premises. To visit RKM Thrissur site Click here

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