Art Gallery Dhar

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2018

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1. U see Jain Canopy 12th century Dhar. In July 2018 visited Malwa in Madhya Pradesh. Route was Indore, Dhar, Mandu, Maheshwar, Burhanpur, Omkareshwar and back to Indore. It was a 6 day trip-wish had made it 7. Inside Dhar Fort is an art gallery.

2. Dhar is slightly over an hour’s drive from Indore. Had pohe for breakfast & then went to Dhar Fort. The museum opens at 10 am-we were early so walked around the fort. We present pics of some of the sculptures on display. U see VISHNU 13th century A.D.

3. As you enter Dhar greeted with a statue of Lieut Col Maharaja Sir Udaji Rao Puar Saheb Bahadur. The statue was unveiled by His Highness Anand Rao Puar Saheb Bahadur of Dhar. U see AGNI 13th century A.D. Dhar.

4. SURYA 14th century A.D. Mandav Dhar. Am glad the state government has kept all these statues in Dhar fort. It is a small museum – quite well maintained. Only wish they retained the flexibility to open earlier than 10 am.

5. VISHNU TRI VIKRAM 12th century Khalakapuri Dhar. About 20 minutes away enroute to Mandu is a personal museum of Shri Phadke. Driver said very nice so called him. However, he is very old and perhaps not well so could not come to open.

6. SURYA NARAYAN think 11th century Dhar. Locals said sculptures like these found across the region so happy the government has collected them here. Wish interested people knew and visited.

7. TIRTHANKARA 12th century Dhar. Like in Mandu, Vishnu/Tirthankara sculptures found in the museums.

8. Huge garden greets when u enter. Thatched roof rooms has the museum. Canons on left side. All around too sculptures on display. Clicked a few.

9. This one was in the garden walk around. Please help with caption. Since monsoons place very green loved it.

10. U see VISHNU 13th century Bhavaria Dhar. In Dhar visit Bhojshala Mandir. It is adjacent to the dargah of Chishti saint Kamal Maula so Hindus cannot visit on Friday and Muslims on Tuesday.

11. Fragmented Jain Sculpture 12th century Dhar.

12. The only caption not ticked off in my notebook is YAGYAVARAH 13th century Dhar so this must be the caption. Please correct if wrong.

13. View of Dhar Fort. It is not a huge fort or at a great height though it is on a small hill. Right side gives you view of Dhar town.

14. VISHNU 12th century Gandhavani Dhar. Cenotaphs or chattris are close to the fort. Not well maintained can skip.

15. LAKSHMI NARAYAN 13th century Dharampur Dhar. Missed seeing Jhira Bagh Palace built by the Puar royal family as an English guesthouse. Malwa is a must see place.

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