Chausath Yogini Temple Jabalpur

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2017

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In the Chausath Yogini Mandir Complex you see Gouri Shankar Mandir. It is said to be only temple in India where Shivji and Parvatiji riding Nandi as the main moorthi are worshipped. This temple was constructed in 1155 by Queen Alhannadevi. "According to experts, this temple was constructed 2 centuries later than the original Chausath Yogini Temple."

Steps leading to temple i.e. on top of hill. It is probably the highest point in Bhedaghat. There are a 4 Chausath Yogini Temples or 64 Yogini Temples in India. 2 are in Orissa and other two in Madhya Pradesh. This is the largest Yogini temple in India.

Temple arch. "It consists of a circular structure of inner diameter 116 feet and outer diameter 131 feet. The circle is broken down in 84 equal cells, out of which three serves as gateways. The gateway on the South – West consists of one cells while the one on the South – East consists of two adjoining cells."

Front view of arch. "The rest 81 cells houses statues of Yoginis, but there are doubts if all the 81 are Yoginis or not. Some expert opine that 64 out of the 81 are Yoginis, while the rest are other deities like Shiva and Ganesh. Another section believes that all the 81 are Yoginis."

This is GANDHARI. Moortis from other temples were brought here hence 85 instead of 64 as indicated by name Chausath.

This is SRI JAHNAVI. "The temple was constructed during the reign of Kalchuri Dynasty at 10th century and was mainly made with local granite. Mughal invaders, later on, destroyed and defaced this beautiful statues."

This is SRI VAISHNAVI. "Inside are images of Yoginis. "Yogini” represents both a female master practitioner of Yoga, and a formal term of respect for a category of modern female spiritual teachers (in Hinduism & Buddhism) in eastern countries such as India, Nepal, and Tibet."

This is SRI SHATNUSUMVARA. "Alternatively, a "Yogini" is also considered to be the sacred feminine force as a sacred incarnation of Goddess Parvati. They are revered in yogini temples of India as the eight Matrikas or the sixty four yoginis."

This is SRI KSHATRA DHARMINI. The temple is the abode of Goddess Durga along with 64 yoginis or shaktis considered to be the different forms of the Goddess.

This is SRI PHANENDRI. I clicked the pictures of the images that were not badly damaged.

Showing two images to get an idea of how presented. What is in inverted commas is courtesy Rangan Dutta blog. Given link in pic no 25.

This is SRI KAMDA. I stayed in Hotel River View ie 2 minutes walk from the temple. Nice hotel with a very good view of Ma Narmada.


This is SRI ERUDI. According to local tradition, "When Mohammed Gauri was destroying temples of Indian Continent, he reached Jabalpur too in approximately 11th. He destroyed all the Yogini`s Statues but when he went to the central temple of Shankar and Parvati sitting on Nandi Bull was unable to destroy due to honey bees attack as a miracle. "



Arch from a different angle. Amazing na. Lady taking pic from Mumbai. Spending morning in Bhedaghat - headed for Kanha National Park in the afternoon.





This is SRI AUDARA. Bhedaghat is lovely recommend visit. Best time is in the winters. Many hotels. I found River View nice. Minutes away from Yogini Mandir some Muslims have come to reside. No problem with that. But if they try to construct a mosque there it would create problems. Azaan thru loudspeakers will disturb the sanctity and serenity of the area.

This is SRI RANAJIRA. Do see the albums Marble Rocks Jabalpur (Dhuandhar Waterfalls, Panchvati Ghat, boating and marble rocks) and Amarkantak (source of the Holy Narmada).

This is SRI PRANITAKARI. To read more about the temple

This is SRI BRAHMANI. To visit Rangan Dutta lovely travel blog

It was very sunny by 10.30 ish so took this pic to give u a view of arch. To see pics of 64 Yogini Mandir Bhubaneswar Click Here

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