SARAFA INDORE Night Street Food

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2018

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1. There are 2 reasons to visit Indore. One is Street Food. 2 it is India’s cleanest city. SARAFA is a jewelery market during day & street food after 9 pm. U see the popular ‘Sawariya Seth Khichdi Wala’ known for saboodana khichdi, saboodana tikkiya, chips & peanut chaat. I had khichdi & peanut chaat. Super. It was the last shop we visited so could not eat to my heart’s content.

2. During the day visit ‘Chappan Dukaan’ esp. Vijay Chaat House. Kachoris, Samosa, Khopra (coconut patties), Skanjvi (milk based drink), Kulfi & lots more. Close to that another sells Pani Puri. Slightly ahead is a shop that sells Hot Dogs. All awesome. Besides that shops sell dosas, chole bathure which are ok. Keep stomach light when you go.

3. In the morning was walking close to Rajwada (Holkar palace). Saw many shops like this one selling sweets. Close to Chappan Dukaan is Om Namkeen. Sells variety of namkeen. Bought lots for family & friends. They love me more now.

4. It is from this samosa shop that Sarafa starts. Lovely samosas. This shop open during day too. Market starts about 9 pm. We reached about 9.15 and were there till 10.45.

5. What you see being friend is called JALEBA a speciality of Indore. It is an oversized jalebi which on biting into oozes of sugar syrup called chaashni. Indore is a safe city so you can venture to Sarafa yourself.

6. Joshi Dahiwade Wale. My favourite – had two. He puts the dahiwada in a thermacol plate and throws it in the air – nothing falls out. In his fingers Joshiji takes red chilly, black salt, black pepper, jeera & I think normal salt & at one go puts them on dahi wada. Video of Joshiji at work

7. This is Annapurna Paan Shop. Pan types are strawberry, chocolate, litchi, butterscotch, blackcurrent, gundi, FIRE, fruit cocktail, SMOKE, mango and orange flavours.

8. This one also called Sawariya sells chatni tikka, mayonnaise special tikka, chole tikka amongst others. My friend from Indore Dolly said super try but was just too full. It was only around 4 that had a feast at Chappan Dukaan. Also famous for BASUNDI is Bhairavnath Misthan Bhandaar.

9. This is an Indore speciality BUTE KA KISS. It is sweet corn, spicy and sweet with a dash of lime. Loved this. Must have. This is Suresh Chaat Centre. In Indore recommended is Goyal Juice in Palasia market, Hotels Rajhans for Malwa style thali, Maharaja Tea House Kachori corner in Kothari market. How I wish could spend two nights in Indore.

10. Loved the pani puri esp the water. Wish Madhya Pradesh govt promote Sarafa & Chappan Dukaan big time. There is no business like food business. Big cities should have designated street food streets where local favourites are sold. Read ‘Indore is a great place for street food’

11. Kamal Coconut Crush. Perfect way to end food feast. It contains coconut juice, sugar, malai & an optional vanilla ice-cream. Wish to thank pal Dolly & family for taking me to Sarafa. Malwa of which Indore is a part is a must visit-Mandu, Maheshwar, Omkareshwar, Asirgarh Fort, & Burhanpur. Video 2.15 minutes on Sarafa

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