Dastkari Haat Festival Pune

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2015

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A friend told me about the Dastkari Haat Festival being held in Pune from Nov 27-6 December 2015. I had heard lots about the festival but never been to one. Took a Shivneri bus to Pune, thus began an interesting journey. Format of captions is description of what you see, artisan contacts. U see lampshades made out of Lauki by Deepak Devangan from Jharkhand. This is called LAUKI ART. His nos is 8889719209. Earlier saw lauki art at Kondegaon Bastar.

MUDAS by Nitesh Gharui from Burdwan, West Bengal. His nos 91 9609288468, 8016816603.

Crocia Jewellery by Samoolam. Loved the stuff. Such intricate and fine work. To read press report on Dastkari Haat Pune Click here

Some more crocia jewellery, hair bands. Lots of interesting stuff for ladies. Contact Usha Prajapati, samoolam@gmail.com, 91 9899872030. Samoolam is based out of Delhi.

IKKAT Saris from Orissa. Contact Subhalaxmi Handloom, Ramakant 91 9692737050, Umakant 8895177436, email subhalaxmihandlooms@gmail.com. National Award Winner from Cuttack who make all types of Sambalpur & Katki saris, dupatta, stoles, bed cover etc.

IKKAT salwar kameez from Orissa. To more pictures of Handicrafts of Orissa Click here

Table-mats, coasters by DAS MAT WEAVING from Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. Contact Anil Chandra Das 91 9474759894, 03222 241065, bikash083@gmail.com

Mats made into a curtain, looks very nice and eco-friendly too.

Terracota work by Padma Shri Shilp Guru Mohanlal Kumhar. He is a trainer and manufacturer of terracotta, sculpture, images of God and Goddess, Panel, Wall Tiles etc. Mohanlalji is based in Hanuman Pura, Village Motela, Teh Khamnor, Dist Rajsamand Rajasthan. Loved his work, could not get my eyes off it.

This piece has Ganesha at top, Shri Krishna in centre etc. Thought it would be soft, actually quite hard. Contacts 91 9461944249, 9950304249, 029530285299, email padmashrimohanlalkumhar@gmail.com

Very impressive, requires some skill to make this. After seeing the first few stalls only was happy I made it, thanked Dastakari Haat for organising this festival. Great way for urban folk to see, buy and admire such products. Wish they had a section showing how such products are made, select few.

Brass and Bamboo products by Kutir Udyog from West Bengal. Contacts 91 9433482710, 033 26729033, . soubhikdaw@yahoo.co.in It is a registered Dokra Craft unit.

All that you see is made of Glass by Mahesh and his team from Agra. Call Ghanshyam 91 94110 02694.

This stall had my friends wife go bonkers, she wanted to buy virtually the whole shop. Jewellery by Parampara Jana Seva Sangh - dealers in handmade, silver, copper, white matel etc from Bijapur, Karnataka. Contacts Hanumanthsing S Hajeri 91 9740170879, 97417 10708, kalyan.jewelry@gmail.com

Loved these copper silver mix necklaces.

Miniature Arts by Mohan Kumar Prajapati - State awarded artist from Jaipur. On left is painting on old stamp paper. On right elephant ka pic - earlier this was made on ivory since government has banned use of ivory, it is now made in plastic.

Left is painting on old stamp paper, to its right is Radha Krishna, bottom pic is also on old paper. Some of the papers we saw were nearly 100 years old. Balaji Miniature Art specialise in rajasthani traditional miniature paintings on all types of marble, wood, metal and silk.

This is a Kangra style painting of Radha and Krishna. Kangra style painting started at Basholi about 140 kms from Jammu. To see pics of Basholi Paintings of Click here

This is a Tanjore Miniature. Gold foil is pasted n paper, meena color red and green, gems artificial and brush design. Contacts of Mohan K Prajapati are 91 99289 35136, 0141 2420504, email balaji_miniature@yahoo.co.in

Amidst stalls are these artists who perform Kalbeliya Dance, also called gypsy dance and associated with snake charmers of Rajasthan. The dance is fun to watch, tunes very catchy want you to dance. Had earlier seen during Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Their music and dance made the place come alive. School girls joined the dance too. To see video Click here

NIRONA BELLS Kutch by Lohar Haji Siddiq from village Nirona, Bhu-Kutch, Gujarat. These are traditional bells, a type of musical instrument. Contacts Ali Lohar 91 97248 81026,Siddik Lohar 91 78742 91704, email luharali@gmail.com

When played as you see produces a lovely musical sound. Hope this tradition continues for years to come.

Kalamkari Art. Stall by D. Lakshmamma - State Award in 2007 and M/O K. Murali - National Award in 2007 from Srikalahasti (Chittor) in Andhra Pradesh. Contacts 91 91602 48819, 85782 30728, 95816 66567, email gunas23@gmail.comThey are specialist in Kalamkari paintings, Silk saris, Tassar saris, crape silk cotton saris, dress materials, duppattas etc. Loved the design that you see.

Kalanidhi Sri Lingaraj Maharana - winner of National Award 1989. U see stone work from Orissa. Right of pic is Lakshmiji, cente is Shri Krishna in ratha/boat in river Yamuna. Contacts are 91 99387 41428, 99385 32347, .lingaraj.arts@gmail.com Workshop at Chandrabhaga, Konarak, Odisha. To see pics of Sudarshan Arts Village Bhubaneswar Click here

Painted Pottery Khavda, Bhuj Kutch Gujarat. The artisan told me they eat food in this and works very well. I used kullad in Kashi to drink tea, the taste of tea was different and super. Contact Kumbhar Abdula Ibrahim, 91 94275 13585.

Bangla Jarhano Patachitra. Artist from district Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. Very colorful paintings, different in style from what I saw in Orissa as you shall see later.

Huge painting, wish had clicked with camera than cell phone. Lovely work. Contacts Radha Chitrakar 91 96355 92907, Khandu Chitrakar 91 97335 21594.

Loved this colorful Patachitra painting, so colorful.

Thread artist Arun Kumar ka work. The image on the right is made by stitching on a sewing machine as you can see on laptop on left of pic. Arun Kumar is from Patiala, Punjab and features in the Limca record. Cheerful person. Contacts Arun Kumar 91 98551 51496, bajaj1991@gmail.com

In evening enjoyed Chhau Dance of West Bengal. To read more about it Click here

Kites reminded me of childhood days - happy memories. Contact Umar Daraz Kite Maker from Delhi 91 99905 49420, 99909 57592.

Next is my favourite Madhubani Painting stall. Always loved their work. May these artisans live for the next thousand years. U see paper weights.

Madhubani paintings. Contact Hira Devi from NOIDA near Delhi, 91 98911 21561, 99713 76262, id anupama.kanth2011@gmail.com

Madhubani painting. Is it a Kamadhenu tree, not fully sure. To read about Madhubani Paintings Click here

Wood work from Karnataka. Contact Elyas 91 90367 59959, 90369 32875.

Thread jewellery by Patwas district Jaipur. Bought quite a few of what you see, the friends I gifted it to say Yeah Dil Mange More. Contact them for Enclet, Bracelet, Ear ring, Long Henging etc.

Some more of lovely stuff. Contact Sunil Kumar Patwa 91 99285 84517, 931490 60448.

Painting of tiger by pattachitra artist from Puri, Odisha. Amazing work. 10 kms from Puri is heritage village Raghurajpur where every home has a national or state award winner. To see pics of Pattachitra work in village Click here

Shri Krishna and Radha in painting. Amazing work. May the number of artists increase. Please buy their stuff so that can keep this art alive for future generations.

What you see is made of paper mesh, painting requires lots of patience as I saw in the village. Artist is Apindra Swain, village Raghurajpur, near Puri Odisha, 91 99386 20662.

Paper Cutting Rangoli Art (Sanjhi Art) by Ram Soni. He is National and UNESCO Award Winner from Alwar Rajasthan. Loved his work, was very humble about his achievements. Contacts are 91 98292 31175 and . sanjhi.soni@gmail.com

Mural work by Shree Rang Art Gallery, Delhi. Very impressive stall. Mural means giving a 3D effect. Marble dust powder mixture fine grade is mixed a particular grade of fevicol and then stirred in a bowl. Colors applied later. This is very simply put.

Beloved Ganesha. His images and paintings are the most popular in India and found in Thailand. Read Ganesha - Global God in a globalised world Click here

Some more mural work. Contact Arvind Gangal, Designer & CEO 91 93139 04541, . arvindgangal70@yahoo.co.in If you want to contact any artist and are unable to get through please mail me and I will help connecting.

Potteries from KHURJHA, Uttar Pradesh. Had visited Khurjha some 25 years ago, bought a dinner and tea set. It was so tough that never broke for years. Contact Iqbal Ahmed Khan at Narang Ceramic Industries, Khurja, 91 99271 52141.

Panchtantra stories by Dwarka Prasad Jangid, KAWAD artist from town Bassi, district Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Contacts 91 98294 92503, Jdwarika.bassi@rediffmail.com. Dwarikaji has introduced new subjects and stories in kawad, designed smaller versions of kawad and carved stories on kawad panels instead of painting them.

A kawad is a wooden painted temple, with lots of panels and secret compartments that fold out to tell a story ie narrated in rhythmic pattern by opening successive doors and pointing to each painting with a peacock feather. The story-teller opens them in sequence with the events in his narration.

GOND paintings from Madhya Pradesh. "The Gond art reflects the belief that "viewing a good image begets good luck". This inherent belief led the Gonds to decorating their houses and the floors with traditional tattoos and motifs. However, Gondi art has since transposed onto paper and canvass with talented artists showcasing their skills. " To read about Gond Paintings Click here

U see artist drawing a painting with a special type of pen. "The fine lines, dots and dashes of traditional Gond Pradhan motifs were introduced to the world by the late painter J. Swaminathan, who discovered a talented seventeen year old Jangarh Singh Shyam decorating the huts of Patangarh in Madhya Pradesh."

Some more work by Gond artist. Contact Kaushal Prasad T in Bhopal 91 98932 46720, 98933 02061 . List of Gond artists of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan Click here

Chanderi Saris by Tana Bana S.H. Group district Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh. Loved the colors and texture.

Chanderi salwar suit pieces. Contact 91 93015 55039, 81095 49482, email tanabanagroup@gmail.com

Potteries. Festival was held at Pingle Farms in South Koregaon Park Pune. Area green and lots of place to park cars. There was a food counter too serving Maharashtrian and Punjabi dishes.

Lighting by Hansraj Mosaic Lamps Rajasthan. Contact 91 98295 41090. By buying such traditional products we keep the art alive and provide livelihood to millions of artisans.

PHAD painting by artist Prakash Joshi of Chitrashala, Bhilwara, Rajasthan. "Phad Paintings are a folk painting style from Rajasthan, India. These paintings were and still are a part of an elaborate ritualistic song and dance performance by folk balladeers that travel from village to village performing folk epics." To know more about Phad paintings Click here

"Each painting depicts a different episode and they are opened or unrolled only after sundown, in conjunction with an all night performance. This is possibly why these paintings are called Phad which means folds in local dialect. "

"Phad paintings are made on cloth or walls and most popularly depict the story of the local hero-gods - Pabuji & Devnarayanji." Contact Prakash Joshi 91 90011089868, 93521 11799, prakash.joshi79@yahoo.com

Papermeshi craft (Rajasthani Mandana) Maru Kalavant Samiti, district Ajmer Rajasthan. What you see made out of newspaper and methi powder, then mixed with fevicol.

Artist Kaluram Verma (Puppeteer) shows how he makes a design on the papermesh. Very simple and impressive. Contacts 91 98280 57164, 85618 77019, id marukalavant@gmail.com

A views of stalls at the festival.

Jodhpur style flower vaz, hand painting made of iron and metal by Kamlesh Sharma. He had run out of cards, is from Jaipur, quite impressed with the range of stuff he had on display as you shall see later.

Wooden painting work on display.

Variety of decoration items on display by Kamlesh Sharma. His number is 91 99867 58603, 99867 54731.

View of Sharma''s stall. Left of pic is Tree of Life made of iron, copper metal mixed sheet.

Dried flowers from North-East. Had seen similar flowers at Kohima Nagaland in 2014 when I visited for Hornbill Festival. To see pics of Tribes of Nagaland Click here

The famous Maheshwari saris and dupattas from the land of Ahilyabai Holkar Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh. To see pics of Maheshwar Click here

Shawls from Gujarat by Chaganlal. His stuff has nice delicate designs with lots of variety in colors. Nice person to chat as well. His number 91 97276 16745.

Shawls from Gujarat by Chaganlal. Did see students from some Pune schools visit the fair. Wish more students visit, like a study tour where they interact with artisans and understand how these products are made. It would be enrichening for students and make the artisans feel happy too.

Lady from Pune Rachana Bhavsar makes these gift items. Contact 91 98812 37278.

Weaving baskets from Badhoi Uttar Pradesh. By buying products displayed at the Dastkari Haat we can support artisans from all over India and keep our traditional handicrafts, textiles etc alive for the future. I bought lots of stuff too.

Jute bags from Pal Handicrafts Garden Kolkata. Contact Sushil Pal 91 92315 99957, 033 84939948.

U see a happy and smiling me with good friend son Kabir. This stall from Bihar had shawls and stoles. My sister loved them. Contact Berozgar Mahila Kalyan Sanstha, Bhagalpur, Bihar 91 0641 2610559, 94312 14259, weave17@rediffmail.com

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