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For us, North Indians, who are habitual late comers and lackadaisical in our temple attire; who go to temples in jeans and shorts; who keep our temples dirty, where rotting flowers are strewn in the pathway -- Manipur teaches us grace and discipline,'' says Tarun Vijay. It is Tarunji''s words that inspired me to request Rajkumar to send some pics. Pic inside Shree Shree Govindaje Temple .

Devotees procession before set ablaze the thatched hut, the image of Lord Krishna was kept at the hut for a while and offered Aarti before set ablaze. Holi is known as Yaosang in Manipur. It is celebrated for five days.

Small children collecting coins after set ablaze of thatched hut on the first day of the festival in the afternoon. During the 5 day celebration there is no traffic on the roads, shops and offices are closed, temples reverberate with Krishna bhajans and groups of men and women wear traditional Manipuri clothes.

Devotees outside the Shree Shree Govindaje Temple at Imphal. Captions are a combination of what Rajkumar sent Editor and Tarunji article in Rediff.com

Devotees entering temple. The temples in Manipur serve as an example for other temple priests in India. They dutifully observe the time of each ritual and perform it with a grace that leaves devotees spellbound.

Celebrations inside temple. Men and women take part - a pleasure to watch. The attire of those serving the food to the devotees is also different. The time is strictly adhered to -- 12:30 lunch means 12:30 and all can be seen sitting and starting the meal with the prasadam.

Devotees singing inside the temple - enjoying every minute. Editor - I spent 10 days in Manipur for Sangai Festival 2014. Had a great time. Manipuris lovely people. U also get North and South Indian food in Imphal at 100% vegetarian rests.

Spreading abir / gulal inside the temple. They go to the temple with pichkaaris and play Holi, first with Krishna''s idol in Govindajee''s temple and then with each other in the temple precincts.

Devotees inside the Shree Shree Govindaje Temple at Imphal. Music is an important part of life in Manipur. Saw that during the dance performances at Sangai Festival 2014.

Looks like 3 generations of Manipuri women at the temple. Manipur is the land that gave us the world famous Manipuri dance Jagoi, the martial art form Thang Ta, boxer Mary Kom and the Bhakti of Krishna, Rukmini and Yaosang.

Dhol/Dholok Chollam is a part of festival celebrations. To see Lathmar Holi at Barsana in Uttar Pradesh Click here

Two Youths snatching Yubi (Coconut ),the traditional Game was played before the King and the winners were awarded rewards. Manipur has an amazing range of local games. To see pics of Manipuri local games at Sangai Festival 2014 Click here

Getting ready for traditional Game of Yubi Lakpi ( Rugby type) which is a part of the Holi Festival(Yaosang) in Manipur. Did you know that Polo was founded in Manipur. To see pics of Polo at Sangai Festival 2014 Click here

Love these smiles and colors. To read Tarunji article Why Manipur ki holi is the best in India Click here

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