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The Indian National Army or INA Museum is located at Moirang ie 45 kms away from Imphal, Manipur. First stop in drive was at India Peace Memorial ie 16 kms away from Imphal. It is made in memory of the Japanese soldiers who died in the British Japanese battle of World War 2. Those pics are in the Loktak Lake collection. Image of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose unveiled in 1993 at entrance of museum complex.

Moirang Kangla. It was at this spot that the Indian National Flag was hoisted for the first time on Indian Soil by the Indian National Army on 14/4/1944. If I remember correctly it was hoisted by Col Malik.

This is a replica of the INA Memorial in Singapore, the foundation stone of which was laid by Netaji but was destroyed by the British Armed Forces. The foundation stone of this memorial was laid on 21/4/1968 by Shri K K Shah, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

Map of Netaji''s Great Escape. He travelled from Kolkata, Kabul, Moscow, Berlin, Penang, Singapore to Japan. So daring, what courage. Second line is Movement of Headquarter.

This map shows how the INA moved, route Singapore to Kohima and back to Bangkok. Hope got this caption right.

All these pics are displayed in the INA Museum. We present some of the pics displayed. The Cabinet of Azad Hind Govt, Oct 1943. Loktak Lake ie a few kms away is worth a visit. It is a huge huge lake with two island, a good resort and boating facilities.

INA in action. All photo frames covered with plastic plus tube lights on top - this is the best could get.

Top INA Jawans, lower pic looks like armed carriers.

Netaji inspecting Armoured Columns in Singapore.

Reviewing of Rani of Jhansi Regiment with Rani Lakshmi.

Coming out of Japanese Parliament. Read Did India get independence because of Ahimsa Click here

Broadcasting to India from Singapore. Jaswant Garh War Memorial Arunachal pics Click here

INA troops marching through Singapore. Impact of Ahimsa on independent India Click here

Netaji at the front. Pics of War Memorial Raniket Click here

INA in action. Site of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Research BureauClick here

Hindustan Times front page November 6, 1945. Subhash Chandra Bose site Click here

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