Waterfalls of Cherrapunjee

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Cherrapunjee is known for its waterfalls. It is about 1.5 hours drive by car from Shillong - u can do a day trip. I reached by 5 pm stayed at the RKM School, spent the whole of next day sightseeing and left third day morning. Early morning sun rays falling on hill opp RKM School, in front is road to Shilong.

Left school at about 6 am for Dain-Thlen Falls ie about 5 kms before Cherrapunjee. U see terrain enroute. Loved the ground color due to effect of early morning sun rays. Hired a vehicle for local sight seeing, cost Rs 1300/ for full day ie Maruti 800.

Dain-Thlen Falls derives its name from a Thlen or a snake of gigantic size which dwelt in a cave. According to local tradition people destroyed the snake in order to rid themselves of its reign of terror. Close to where the snake was slaughtered is this waterfall.

U see Dain-Thlen waterfalls. I visited in mid December so less water. Best time to visit is July to Sept.

Area just above waterfall. Again love the color of rock due to early morning sun rays. This area gets filled up with water during monsoons.

Remains of the snake - this pic is from RKM School Museum since missed taking actual pic. Snake was really long as indicated by two men who sit at each end of snake.

Bodies of Hindus were buried here.

At a distance from the main road are graves of Christians. Area is virtually 100% Christian - all converts.

Next drove to Noh Ka Likai Waterfalls. U see landscape enroute. Similar landscape around Cherrapunjee. Dense forests you will see later.

Mother daughter duo run a shop outside entrance gate to Noh Ka Likai falls. Served lovely chai.

Board outside Noh Ka Lai falls. U walk for about 5 minutes to see the falls, after that you can walk for say 10 minutes till the end of the mountain to get a spectacular view on a clear day.

U see Noh Ka Lai falls. Stay at the Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort. Missed seeing Double Decker Root Bridge - was told it has some 500 steps one way. Did not have time or energy for this.

A view of the mountain to the left of the falls. It is a valley, dense forests lots of greenery. The wettest place on earth today is MAWSYNRAM and not Cherrapunjee. It is app 3 hours drive - has a cave with a Shiva Linga there.

Number of shops there. Children of shop owner. From here there are steps that take you to waterfalls. Did not go.

Cremation ground of the Sohra Syiemship (Cherra Chieftain). Cremation of the dead Syiem (Chief) of Sohra is one of the most expensive and intricate ceremonies.'' To visit Meghalaya Tourism site to know all about Cherrapunjee Click here

A few kms ahead is the Eco Park that you see. It is on top of a hill - get a lovely view on a clear day. Keep 30 minutes max for walking around park.

View of mountain from there. On top of hill is a road that you shall see soon. It was sunny and hot in December 14, must be scenic in the monsoons.

In centre on top of hill is the Eco Park that you saw in pic no 15. In the monsoons full of water, see next pic. To see pics of 7 Sister Waterfalls Click here

Waterfalls during monsoons, it is called the 7 Sister Falls. This pic is taken from the mobile of one of the shopkeepers there. In Bastar people were enterprising - there were photographers with printers, they gave you a print out within minutes and sold earlier taken pics as well. To see pics of Tirathgarh Waterfalls in Bastar Click here

STATE BANK ATM somewhere close to Cherrapunjee. This was at the petrol pump. In 15 minutes saw 4 people come to the ATM. I spoke to one of them - they blessed SBI for the ATM.

As we drove ahead saw Monoliths. These are made in honor of those who died or clan heroes. Vertical stones for men and horizontal for female. Saw something similar in Bastar. See pic no 16 in Danteshwari Mandir collection Click here

Monolith 1. Recall saw these on way back from Mawsmavi Cave. Roads and houses very clean all along.

Monolith two. To see pics of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama School Cherrapunjee Click here

Next you see THANGKHARANG PARK. Huge park, was packed on Saturday when I visited. Looked like a favorite picnic spot. It is on top of a mountain you shall see.

Having lunch in super surroundings. Rice is staple diet. Youngsters in jeans and shirt. 6 kms from Cherrapunjee is MAWSMAVI Cave whose photos presented separately.

Right of pic is walk way in park. Stairs take you to top of cliff. From here you can see the KYNREM Falls in the mountain but it is all dry. Pic no 30 has view of Kynrem Falls from bottom of hill.

School children playing in the garden. Park had very good vibrations - loved it. Missed seeing LAWSHYNNA Cave ie a km long.

Board for giant rock. It is at a short distance from the park. To see some lovely pics of Cherrapunjee Click here

Left of pic is this rock, resembles a huge upturned conical khasi basket. Left of pic at end water that you see are plains of Bangladesh. To read Impact of Ramakrishna Mission Work on the Khasi People of North-East India Click here

This is KYNREM Falls the highest in the state. In December it had dried up completely. To see pics of Tribal Museum Tripura Click here

Back to Cherrapunjee - mountain that you see in pic, has a viewing point. Forget the name of this peak. To see pics of Bastar Craft Click here

View enroute, area is very green. Must do in monsoons. I drove beyond waterfalls to Shella ie on the Indo Bangladesh border. Returned to Cherrapunjee by 7 ish, it was pitch dark. Driver did a super job. Hope to visit Cherrapunjee in the monsoons some day.

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